How To Draw Anime Hairs

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How To Draw Anime Hairs

Telusuri dengan sebuah pulpen dan hapus garis-garis yang tidak diperlukan.

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Once you know how to draw each strand/clump of hair, you can start putting them together to form more something that more resembles anime hair. Look at each example here (well, except maybe for that one on the lower left; I’m not sure why I left that in), and notice how the basic strands from the first step are used. The same similar shapes generally persist throughout many different hairstyles. Making one line curve out more than the other on each strand can really help to flesh it out.

Perbaiki rambut menggunakan lengkungan dan guratan sederhana di sekitar rambut.

Gambar rambut menggunakan lengkungan sederhana atau guratan yang diperpanjang mencapai bahu.

Tambahkan garis-garis yang lebih detail pada garis yang digambarkan mula-mula untuk membuat rambut tampak lebih realistis.

Inilah beberapa contoh rambut anime untuk karakter cewek yang banyak digunakan secara umum.

Start from the top left of the head and draw spikes in all directions, with some bent. Use these spikes as guides. The hair will be too straight, but don’t worry. Now draw over the straight hair; this time, make uneven proportions – some small and some big.

Draw the head for your manga character. You’ll need a basic frame to work on. Don’t concern yourself too much on facial features, only on the shape of the head. Remember manga heads change depending on gender, females generally have rounder, smaller, less-angular faces than males.

Gambar detail-detail pada rambut menggunakan garis-garis pendek lurus dan juga garis melengkung.

Detail and shape your hair. Manga hair is composed of many strands, or ‘clumps’. Hair is made more complex by adding more clumps, or by breaking down larger clumps into smaller ones. Remember to pay attention to the direction of the hair.

Like real hair, anime hair is composed of many strands. However, rather than drawing each individual strand, the hair is often drawn in various sized/shaped clumps, as shown here. These are some of the simplest forms of each hair style. Notice that in most cases, the outline is more curvy on the bottom of the hair clump. This is especially apparent on the top leftmost example; the lower line is curvier than the top line, giving the hair more depth and more of that anime-ish look. Sometimes this is highly exaggerated, and other times it is hardly noticable, but for most anime hair styles, each individual strand of hair will have this basic shape.

Jika sudah selesai menggambar gaya rambut yang diinginkan, Anda sekarang bisa menambahkan detail lebih pada gambar seperti mata, dan sebagainya.

Think about what you want the hair to look like. Don’t be afraid to make it a little bit crazy. A lot of famous manga characters have quite absurd and impossible-looking hairstyles. There are a few basic things you’ll need to decide: Where the parting will go.

Whether the character will have bangs or a fringe or not. How long the characters hair will be. If the hair style matches the character’s personality. Whether the character be wearing a headband, hat, forehead protector or any other accessories which will alter the appearance of the hair.

You can make it flow to either side, or you can make your character upside down, and make it flow above the head.

Gambar garis tepi rambut dengan menggunakan sebuah pensil sebagai panduan dalam menggambar rambut.

If you want the hair to look stereotypically “girly,” make it long and flowing.

Inilah beberapa contoh rambut anime untuk karakter cowok yang banyak digunakan secara umum.

Gambar garis tepi kepala dengan menggunakan pensil sebagai panduan dalam menggambar rambut.

Check out these articles on how to Draw an Anime Cat Girl and how to Draw Cat Girls.

Depending on the style, anime hair can be very complex. However, if you break it down into its basic components, the process of drawing anime hair becomes a little simpler.

Bayangkan gaya rambut panjang yang diinginkan dan ke arah mana helaian rambutnya mengalir. Cobalah menggambar garis panjang miring dan garis melengkung sederhana dari gaya rambut yang diinginkan.

Complete the rest of your character’s face. A Manga character’s hair is what gives it its personality; in fact, most Manga characters will look the same if their hair is taken away. Consider this when deciding on facial features and expressions.

Colour and shade the face, and refine the hair. Once you are happy with your character, go over any outlines and prominent features and shadows with a black-ink pen. This process is known as inking and features heavily in Manga drawing.

Inking strengthens lines and hides pencil-work, while making your image stand out and giving your character its final touch-up.

6 Metode:Rambut Anime CowokRambut Anime CewekRambut Manga CowokRambut Manga CewekRambut Anime Cowok AlternatifRambut Anime Cewek Alternatif

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can make the hair as detailed as you like; just keep adding more strands. I’ll go over this more shortly. ^_^

Tutorial ini akan menunjukkan cara menggambar rambut anime cowok dan cewek. Rambut anime membuat pahlawan-pahlawan anime terlihat unik dan cantik – sama dengan manusia sungguhan, ini adalah mahkota kecantikan. Ayo mulai menggambar!

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Español: dibujar cabello de manga, Italiano: Disegnare Capelli Manga, Русский: нарисовать волосы в стиле манга, Português: Desenhar Cabelo de Mangá, Deutsch: Manga Haare zeichnen, Français: dessiner les cheveux de manga, Bahasa Indonesia: Menggambar Rambut Manga

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Colour/Shade your hair. Regardless of whether you’ve chosen to work in colour or not, shading/colouring your hair follows the same techniques. Manga hair is always shiny and pronounced. Decide upon the direction of light before you start.

If the light is shining from the left, your character’s hair should be lighter on the left than the right. If the light is coming from the front, frontal hair pieces such as the fringe and sideburns should be a lighter colour than the hair around the back of the neck.

Start with a ‘base’ colour, and add lighter and darker shades to areas affected by light.

Setelah menggambar gaya rambut yang diinginkan, Anda sekarang bisa menambahkan detail lebih pada gambar seperti mata, dan sebagainya.

Gambar tipe garis rambut yang diinginkan untuk karakter anime cewek.

Create 4 points on the head where the main points of hair will be and sketch lightly trying out different ideas until you find the right design. But you can make the hair however you want — it’s your drawing!

Kertas Pensil Rautan Penghapus Pensil berwarna, krayon, cat air, atau spidol

Gunakan imajinasi, gambarkan garis sederhana rambut runcing dan pendek. Anda bisa menggambar garis berbiku-biku di sepanjang kepala, atau sudut lancip untuk rambutnya.

Draw guidelines for this, like a cross on the head, bent in the direction your person/character is facing. Let these be your guidelines, so when you draw the hair, the draw the eyes, etc., all of it will look even.

The first rule of anime drawing is that the hair is always right above the eyes. Aside from that, anime drawings are fairly life-like, so try observing yourself in the mirror, and you will know where to position the hair.

Gambarkan gaya rambut berdasarkan imajinasi Anda. Sebagian besar karakter cewek biasanya memiliki rambut yang lebih panjang.

Bayangkan tipe gaya rambut apa yang Anda inginkan dan ke arah mana helaian rambutnya mengalir. Cobalah menggambar gumpalan gaya rambut sederhana yang diinginkan.

Gunakan spidol warna gelap pada garis tepi rambut yang telah digambar dan hapus garis-garis dan lengkungan yang tidak diperlukan dari garis tepi.

Draw the basic outline of your hair. Pay attention to the guide marks you marked earlier. It is easier to start from the fringe/top of the forehead and work outwards, paying attention to the direction in which the hair falls.

Manga hair can often be tricky to get looking right. There are many different styles, each with their own individual techniques. However, with a basic understanding of how manga hair ought to be drawn and look like, you can adapt your abilities to suit any type of hairstyle. Perhaps the most attractive feature of drawing manga hair is that it can be as simple or as complex as you’d like, and still compliment your character either way. As in real life, the different types of hairstyles in Manga are too numerous for one article. This article will teach you how to draw simple hair for a male character, showing you the basic techniques used. As your talent and knowledge progresses, you can try the more complex, striking hairstyles which Manga is famous for.

Draw a boy. Draw cat ears sticking out of the head. Draw a cat tail sticking out of the lower back/butt area.

Gambar tipe garis rambut yang diinginkan untuk karakter cowok.

Tambahkan garis-garis yang lebih detail pada garis yang digambarkan mula-mula agar rambut terlihat lebih realistis.

If it is a boy you make the features sharper, with a more rounded chin, and if it’s a girl you make the features soft and rounded, commonly with a more pointed chin. If your girl has man-like features, then it is probably not drawn right.

Don’t worry, though, mistakes help you learn. Art is basically trial and error until you find your style.

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Mark the hair outline on your character’s head. Traditionally, the distance from the forehead to the top of the head should be equal to the distance from the top of the head to the top of the hairstyle.

Additionally, the same distance should be applied to the sides of the head to determine the distance from the side of the head to the side of the hairstyle. This is just a guideline and can be altered once the hair is drawn to suit your tastes.

Here are more examples of different basic shapes of hair. Take note of how the hair overlaps and is nested in itself when it bends or twists. You can make some really interesting hair by having it twist and turn all over the page. ^_^

Now, we are getting into some slightly more complex shapes. Notice how varying the size and shape of each strand gives the hair different character; the strands can be long and thin, thick and curvy, or sharp and spiky. Again, notice that you can either make the hair very detailed, or very simple, depending on how many individual strands you draw.

Telusuri dengan pulpen dan hapus garis-garis yang tidak diperlukan. Tambahkan detail-detail pada wajah.

Try simple strokes; don’t spend too much time trying to make one piece of hair look good. Take your time and visualize. Once you’ve got a process down, you can start speeding up but do not try to do that until you’ve got a style that you are proud of.

Even if you’re drawing realistic manga, use your imagination! The hair is often what separates one manga character from another. Don’t get frustrated. What are erasers for anyway, eh? Be yourself! Who cares what people think about your drawing if you like it? That’s all that matters, and you never know; one day your manga drawing could be the most famous in the world! Start with light sketches and erase what you have to without making it look sloppy.

Don’t be afraid to erase one part of the drawing if you’re not satisfied. Consider drawing in stages: draw to a point that you think looks good, make a copy (or copies) and print it. This will help to give you more options in terms of exploring the possibilities, for example, deciding whether to include facial hair, or deciding hair colour.

Your back-up copies will prevent you from having to start over. Be patient. Good drawings aren’t drawn in a jiffy. Sometimes, it takes an hour or so to finish one complete person. Ensure your pencil is sharp.

Manga prides itself on clean, crisp images, and a blunt pencil will make your piece look shabby. Make the hair shine in a way you feel comfortable to draw, and don’t be afraid to add in some ‘strange’ accessories whenever you want! Start with simple, spiked hair, with a few points.

Just let your pencil draw lines on the paper. Don’t think too hard about it. Be liberal with your construction lines. They help greatly in visualizing your finished piece. Shine isn’t always needed if you’re making a character with light colored hair.

Try making the hair like broom hair, or try copying real life hair-like items. Avoid making hair too spiky.

Why do I need to make the hair go to the side to make it look like it’s blowing? Is there another way?

Gambar rambut menggunakan lengkungan membulat yang membentang di sepanjang kerangka ke leher.

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