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How to draw anime hands

How To Draw Anime Hands

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How To Draw Anime Hands.

Step 2 – Analyzing the Proportions of the Hand Drawing anime hands palm and thumb proportions

Draw out the thumb. Draw the fingers slightly thicker than normal (squeezed) to show that the fist is clenched. Also be aware that in a clenched fist the fingers fan out slightly in a direction away from the base of the thumb.

Draw the outline of the foot using your frame structure as a guide. Observation is very useful when drawing something as complex as the feet – use your own feet as a model.

It takes a lot of practice to be able to draw properly structured hands in different views. Depending on your skill level as an artist your drawings may not come out the way you like at first but don’t get discouraged, hands are difficult to draw. If you draw on a regular basis you can improve.

The fingers (fully extended) and the palm of the hand should be roughly the same length. The tip of the thumb if drawn at a 45 degree angle to the hand should reach to just slightly below the knuckle bone of the index finger.

Buatlah bentuk silinder kecil di atas garis yang telah ditarik untuk membantu Anda membentuk sampai jari.

This is a difficult view to draw but a very common position of the hand.

Draw the overall shape of the hand without the thumb or fingers and draw the shape of the base of the thumb after.

Tutorial ini akan menunjukkan cara menggambar tangan anime dalam berbagai pose.

You can see the webbed skin from the back of the hand and not the front, where it just looks like a curve. There are fingernails and knuckles (these are important ones) on the back side.The knuckles in the middle of the finger have wrinkles in the backside and lines on the front.

Step 1 – Drawing the Palm & Thumb Base Drawing anime hands palm and thumb base

Step 1 – Drawing Anime Fist Thumb & Finger Proportions Drawing an anime fist thumb and fingers

Go ahead and erase the guidelines in the hand and shade and detail the hand using your hand or another person’s hand as a reference. I usually like to shade in the knuckles and add detail like fingernails. By the way, don’t be afraid of adding fingernails, it’s one of those things in drawing that always looks wrong when you start but once your finished looks good. Just keep them light, not overworked – sometimes a small suggestion of a line is all you need.

Anime male and female hands are often drawn in basically the same. However when drawing close ups of the hands there are a few differences.

If you are a beginner then you should practice by first drawing the hand with the palm open and fingers extended to get an idea of the proportions. You can also look at photographs other drawings or at your own hands for reference.

Clean up the drawing and add the details. Draw a thicker line for the overall shape of the hand and a thinner for the details.

Drawing Anime Hands Side View Step 1 – Drawing Side View Palm & Thumb Base

Draw a rough shape of the palm. Next draw a shape to get down the proportions of the base of the thumb.

Next, develop the outline with flowing lines. This takes some practice, but you’ll get it eventually by using your own hand or pictures of hands as references until you know the structure like the back of your… well, you get the idea.

Next, from the wrist to the knuckles, draw a guideline, and continue those guidelines out to the point you want the fingertips to be (as shown in each example). If needed, you can use a dot to help place each joint, as I’ve done with the thumb.

Draw the shape of the base of the thumb and get the proportions for the rest of it.

Step 4 – Cleaning Up & Finalizing the Side View Drawing Drawing anime hands side view

Step 2 – Drawing Closed Palm Side View Finger Proportions Drawing anime hands closed palm side view finger proportions

Step 1 – Drawing Anime Fist Details Drawing an anime fist details

There are a few things with hands I want to point out before we move on. The front and back may have the same outline but there are various parts to each that are essential to making it look like the front or the back of the hand.

For the purpose of the tutorial I will fully draw out the structure of all the fingers (even the parts that wont be visible in the final drawing) for you to use as a reference. You do not need to do this (especially if you are drawing on paper) but you should be aware of the positioning of the invisible parts of the fingers to avoid mistakes when drawing that parts that are visible. For example if you can only see the tip of the pinky but you don’t consider the length of the rest of the finger you can end up drawing the tip too far up or too far down the hand.

Step 4 – Drawing Closed Palm Side View Thumb Drawing anime hands closed palm side view thumb

Kertas Pensil Rautan pensil Penghapus Pulpen Hitam Pensil berwarna, krayon, spidol atau cat air

Gambarlah garis miring pada telapak tangan untuk membuat lipatan.

Drawing an Anime Fist Step 1 – Drawing Anime Fist Basic Shapes Drawing an anime fist basic shapes

Ini adalah contoh bagaimana Anda dapat menggunakan kepalan tangan pada karakter anime Anda.

This tutorial illustrates how to draw anime and manga hands in various positions.

Step 2 – Drawing Thumb & Fingers Drawing anime hands side thumb index and middle finger

If you need a better understanding of how to draw the rest of the fingers (following the pink) in this view you can use the same method as in Steps 2 – 3 of the side view example.

Gelapkan siluet tangan menggunakan spidol lalu hapus garis yang tidak perlu dari garis bentuk yang Anda buat sebelumnya.

Now let’s take a look at the feet. Just like with the hands the feet begin as a few simple shapes in wireframe and then we add the guidelines for the toes beginning at the ankle and going out to the tips of the toes. The shapes we are using are essentially simplified suggestions of the bone structure – you’ll find that making sure you have the heel bone sketched in this way really helps with the foot structure.

6 Metode:Anime Tangan Menggunakan Bentuk 3DSudut Anterior TanganKepalan tinjuTangan Memegang PedangA Fist tinju, Anterior ViewSebuah Tangan Yang Menyempit

Step 3 – Drawing Closed Palm Side View Fingers Drawing anime hands closed palm side view fingers

While It’s difficult to have one clear guideline for how to draw hands as they can bend in so many different ways this tutorial provides some basic tips and examples.

Step 4 – Cleaning Up & Finalizing the Drawing Drawing anime hands details

Step 3 – Drawing Other & Fingers Drawing anime hands side ring and pinky finger

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Drawing anime hands can be a little easier then drawing realistic hands as a lot of the details are left out. But the overall structure and proportions are basically the same.

I also very much hope that you find this tutorial helpful as it was very time consuming to create. Don’t forget to check out some of the other Tutorial on the site.

Gambarlah sebuah bentuk dengan empat sudut, buat garis atas sedikit melengkung.

Buat lima garis yang menempel pada telapak tangan, ini akan berfungsi sebagai jari-jari. Jangan lupa untuk menggunakan spidol untuk membuat sendi jari-jari.

Gambar garis tangan dengan spidol lalu hapus semua garis yang tidak perlu untuk menyelesaikan.

Step 4 – Drawing Closed Palm Side View Details Drawing anime hands closed palm side view details

Draw a rough overall shape of the fist and afterwards draw the overall shape of the combined fingers.

Ini adalah contoh bagaimana Anda dapat menggunakan gambar tangan pada karakter anime Anda.

This position of the hand would be used for something like holding a grocery bag. It’s close to a fist but not quite the same.

Step 1 – Drawing Closed Palm Side View Basic Shape Drawing anime hands closed palm side view hand

Ini adalah contoh bagaimana Anda dapat menggunakan sudut tangan ini pada karakter anime Anda.

At left are the beginnings of three different hand poses. Go ahead and draw these shapes to the left, remembering to keep it light to begin with – I’ve just drawing it dark so you can see the lines.

Gunakan teknik yang sama untuk menggambar sisi berlawanan dari tangan. Gunakan tangan Anda sebagai referensi.

Female hands are usually more slender and curvy with long fingernails. Male hands are usually bigger in comparison.

Lastly, erase your guidelines and add shading (if you wish) and detail. Using a very light touch to begin with makes it easier to make changes at this stage.

Berikut adalah contoh bagaimana menggunakan gambar ini pada karakter anime Anda.

Step 3 – Drawing the Fingers Drawing anime hands fingers and thumb

Gambarlah seperti bentuk kacang buncis untuk mewakili telapak tangan.

Buatlah bentuk silinder kecil di atas garis yang telah ditarik sebelumnya untuk membantu Anda membentuk jari-jari.

Berikut ini adalah contoh bagaimana sudut dari tangan ini digunakan dalam menggambar anime.

Gambarlah bentuk setengah lingkaran yang melekat pada pegangan untuk mewakili tangan.

Gambarlah lima garis miring untuk mewakili jari-jari. Tandai lokasi sendi jari.

Gunakan spidol untuk membuat garis bentuk tangan lalu hapus garis yang tidak perlu. Tambahkan rincian untuk membuatnya lebih realistis.

The fingers consist of 3 parts with the distance from the tip of the fingers to the top joint being the shortest and the distance from the knuckles to the bottom join being the longest.

Many Manga styles are based on quite natural drawing, so you need to start off by drawing quite realistically. Once you’re confident with drawing hands and feet, you can adjust the style – making it more realistic or simplified as needed. We’re going to use the wireframe method to draw realistic hands. You can adapt these drawings to suit your pose, using photographs or your own hands as a reference.

Gambarlah tangan dengan spidol lalu hapus garis dan kurva yang tidak perlu.

Hands a difficult body part to draw and the best way to learn is through a lot of practice.

Bayangkan bentuk jari saat mengepal dan buatlah lima garis yang menempel pada telapak tangan untuk mewakili jari. Jangan lupa untuk menggunakan spidol untuk membuat sendi jari-jari.

For anime hands holding different kinds objects you can see 6 Ways to Draw Anime Hands Holding Something.

Gambarlah garis yang mewakili jari, gunakan spidol untuk mengingatkan Anda di mana sendi berada.

Step 1 – Drawing Anime Fist Thumb Proportions Drawing an anime fist thumb

Cara Menggambar Rambut Anime Cara Menggambar Mata Manga Cara Menggambar Anime atau Wajah Manga Cara Menggambar Karakter Karakter Kartun

Gambarlah bentuk silinder di atas garis untuk membuat jari-jari.

Buatlah bentuk silinder kecil di atas garis yang telah ditarik sebelumnya untuk membantu Anda membentuk jari.

Draw the overall shape of the fingers and get the proportions for the pinky.

Draw the overall shape of the whole hand in this position. Next draw the shape of the side view of the palm.

When drawing hands for something like a manga you don’t always need to make a detailed drawing. Sometimes a basic outline of the main feature of the hand is enough. For example if you are drawing a character that is in the background you don’t need to draw the fingernails on their hand.

The palm of the hand in its simplest form has three sections made by folds in the hand. Ever hear a palm reader say you have a long life line? Well, those lines are the separations of the sections I’m talking about. Look at your own palm and move your fingers all down at once. The fold this makes is one section. Now make your hand flat again and move just your thumb in. That’s another section and the part that didn’t fold either time is the third section.

Drawing Anime Male and Female Hands How to draw male and female anime hands

Gambarlah lima garis yang akan mewakili jari, gunakan spidol untuk menggambar sendi jari.

Anime Boy Anime Cat Anime Characters Anime Clothes Anime Dog Anime Ears Anime Eyes Anime Faces Anime Feet Anime Female Anime Girl Anime Guy Anime Hair Anime Hands Anime Mouths Anime Necks Anime Noses Coloring Cosplay Draw Anime Drawing Manga Events Girls Manga Review Perspective Drawing Super Heroes

Tambahkan lingkaran silinder di atas garis bentuk untuk membuat bentuk jari.

English: Draw Anime Hands, Español: dibujar manos de ánime, Italiano: Disegnare Mani in Stile Anime, Português: Desenhar Mãos de Anime, Français: dessiner des mains façon manga, Deutsch: Animations Hände zeichnen, Русский: нарисовать руки в стиле “аниме”, 中文: 画动漫人物的手, Nederlands: Anime handen tekenen, Čeština: Jak nakreslit anime ruce, العربية: رسم أيدي الأنمي, 日本語: 漫画やアニメで手を描く

Pelajari bagaimana ibu jari dan jari bergerak dengan menggunakan tangan Anda sebagai referensi.

Berlatihlah menggambar jari dengan berbagai pose menggunakan bentuk 3-D sebagai pemandu.

Create textile , Fabric can range through sleek and shiny in order to matte and dull. Exactly how you shade it will certainly help sell the concept of the material you`re striving to depict. In this design , von Reuden is attempting to be able to capture the golden folds over of material found within the original image. He or she began by outlining typically the shapes and blocking out and about regions of shadow.

Mix up covering techniques, There are plenty of different pencil sketching techniques relating to covering . Chiu uses two key approaches. The first is definitely with all the traces going in the identical direction. `This makes our shading appear more natural, and helps my information pop out from typically the lines I`m using with regard to shading, he explains. Typically the second method involves operating in patches of covering , to help define form . Patches of lines avoid the form, which assist keep things in viewpoint , he says. It is furthermore great for backgrounds in addition to creating texture.

Shield your paper, This is usually a valuable pencil sketching technique for beginners: place a piece of papers under me to stay away from smudging your drawing when you`re working. It seems like clear , but it can end up being the downfall of a new great piece of function ! Healy also prefers to be able to mount her paper upon a board, attaching this using a layer involving matte medium. This assists keep things neat, plus provides a good surface to be able to work.

Make use of the correct grip, The first action would be to master how in order to hold a pencil effectively . Chiu recommends holding the particular pencil just like you could some sort of piece of charcoal, in addition to taking advantage of the particular side of the prospect to draw, rather as compared to the point. This will help maintain the pencil sharper regarding longer. When covering big areas, I shade along with my pencil perpendicular to be able to the line I`m attracting to get wide, very soft lines, he adds. Intended for details, I hold my personal pencil parallel to our lines to get sharpened , narrow marks. The just time I use the particular thing is when I`m working on intricate specifics

Find the right report texture, The surface consistency you`re working on will certainly make a big variation for the effects you could create. It is referred in order to as the grain or even `tooth` of the document . A rough tooth is usually more visible, and typically the ridges will grip typically the colour from your pencils. Having a smooth tooth, the particular ridges are very great , and there`s less hold . Healy finds this type of paper provides a good easier surface for blending together coloured pencils, although your woman warns that it`s furthermore easy to perform the shade off the surface.

Master mixing , Healy has a particular process for blending the woman coloured pencil work. The girl depends on an put together , to check the contact form is proper before assigning to coloured pencil (it`s much harder to clear off coloured-in areas than the outline). It also allows her plan where the particular highlights and shadows may fall. She then develops up colour using delicate layers. I love to be able to start out with smooth gentle layers to acquire a better notion of light placement, shadows as well as the coloring palette, she says. Following each layer she combines gently using the mixing up stump. Once she features reached a stage she`s happy with, she goes on to the ultimate step: adding an format . For this final coating , Healy uses coloured pencils alone, and does certainly not blend with a stump.

Check and recheck, Before you begin tougher lines and detail function , it`s essential to be sure to have the correct type down. Chiu`s advice is usually to check and verify again. I must nail along my drawing`s underpinnings ahead of I can add information . I really avoid speculating on the details: I need to make sure almost everything is symmetrical and appear right before writing more powerful and harder lines. This individual also suggests taking a look at the work in a hand mirror or through a digicam . Considering different vantage factors is a great approach to highlight if anything will be crooked. I constantly question myself, does this sense right? If anything appears off - even in the event that I can`t immediately set my finger on which this is #NAME? have confidence in my gut and troubleshoot my drawing before carrying on with

Begin lightly and build by there, After i start getting , I plan and check out using loose lines, in addition to avoid committing too soon together with hard, dark lines, claims Chiu. As I develop my lines will transform , so checking and rechecking my work is important . I darken my traces and add details with the end. I do not concentrate on one area regarding too long in order to avoid overdrawing. Begin with an underdrawing, Artist Tim von Reuden likes to start along with a digital underdrawing that will he prints at 1 per cent Opacity. Earlier mentioned , you can observe the underdrawing regarding his sketch of a new woman holding an employees . He explains, I adore to keep it lighting so that it provides for a foundation rather than some sort of final image.

Short on time? This above, from character artist Bobby Chiu, runs via some pencil drawing related with action. For extra in-depth suggestions about composition to be able to how to capture light-weight and shadow, check out the art techniques article. Or perhaps , for inspiration, look into this kind of roundup of unbelievably practical pencil drawings.

Know if you should quit , The majority of musicians usually tend to tinker with their particular work - even following they`ve signed their brand . I can always get something to change in case I look hard good enough , so it can get difficult to inform when a new piece is truly done , says Chiu. However, be skeptical of overworking your item . `Eventually, I make some sort of conscious decision to place my drawing away and even start something new, he or she continues. `That`s when We consider my drawing carried out

Break free from your comfort zone, Whilst these pencil drawing approaches should help you know the essentials from the method , sometimes you need to be able to toss the rules out there of the window and locate what works for an individual . There`s nothing wrong together with stepping outside of typically the box if it signifies achieving the effect a person want, says Healy. Learning from your errors will occur when an individual step outside of of which box. But don`t get intimidated! The process will be entirely fun.

Draw on your individual experiences, Dip into your current experiences to add an unique layer of authenticity in your piece, suggests Healy. What this means is using something like the memory, feeling or aroma when building your work. Regarding example, the special sense you experienced when seated down with a buddy with a coffee shop, or even a memory of the child years experience. You can become abstract or use hyperrealism. Anything you choose makes the particular piece unique to a person . I`ve found that men and women resonate with these bits the most.

Utilize right eraser, There happen to be a few various kinds of eraser, and each is best suited to various things. You`ll definitely need a kneaded eraser. This has a new putty-like consistency (it`s often known as putty eraser), and you knead that before and after employ . A kneaded eraser is usually best for lightly choosing up the coloured pen binding off the document . This works wonders any time correcting mistakes, or in case you`re deliberately lifting color from an area including the eyes, says Healy. Some sort of gum eraser has some sort of more solid consistency, and even is better if you`re trying to fully remove a coloured-in area. Des Reuden continues: I highly believe in letting pure intuition take over in typically the creation process so I actually work with the underdrawing more as a criteria . What this means is the final outcome varies.

Beyond that will , different artists have distinct approaches to lines instructions you need to locate the style that`s best suited for you. I choose to use an unique outline in my art , be it using thin traces or bold outlines, ` says Healy. It may help pinpoint the audience`s eye to a particular area. In addition, it gives some sort of stylised look, if that will is what you are usually hoping to achieve. Chiu, however, prefers a various approach. I try to be able to avoid outlining my images because this tends in order to make things look toned and deadens the 3D IMAGES effect. Breaks and places in my lines display form in the lighting and shadows.

Use a stump with regard to soft blending, How an individual blend your work may have a big influence on the final result. Intended for a soft blended impact , try a blending stump. After each light coating , I very gently mix the coloured pencils using the stump, says US-based artist Jennifer Healy. Avoid push too hard or perhaps the colour will stay , making it more challenging to be able to softly blend. I do it again this process as frequently ?nternet site need. After a lot of layers it produces the very soft and sensitive look. This technique takes a little trial and problem , though. Healy warns of which if you blend as well softly, the stump could pick up colour of which you`ve already layered around the paper.

Try combining pencils along with watercolour, While pencils about their own may be used to produce a wealth of distinct effects, it can become interesting to combine these other media. For illustration , in her work, Healy loves to combine watercolour plus coloured pencils. It`s crucial to get started with watercolour plus then layer coloured pencils on top, she describes , because pencils can produce a waxy surface that will repels liquid, and inhibits the watercolour from putting into the paper. This specific is a fun approach to try out, the lady says. Both mediums have got unique qualities and smoothness . Combining the two components produces a medium all involving its own.

Develop your skills with these kinds of pencil drawing techniques, intended for both graphite and female pencils. These pencil attracting techniques from top performers can help you take your pulling skills one stage additional , whether you`re using graphite pencil or coloured pencils. For many artists, pen drawing is the talent that introduced them in order to the art world, in addition to even if you`ve shifted to a different moderate , understanding how to bring with a pencil could help you better your expertise elsewhere. These pencil sketching techniques cover from typically the basics of mark-making to be able to advanced processes to force you out of your own comfort zone. We`ll present advice on the equipment and materials you will need to know, such because blending stumps, paper alternatives , and different erasers. In case you`re a total starter , or just want in order to upgrade your kit, get a look at our own guide to the very best pencils.

Use contrasting concepts, One particular drawing technique Healy makes use of in her work will be to use contrasting principles within a piece involving work, for instance, juxtaposing beauty and ugliness. I will use the beauty involving colours, flowers, the soft qualities of skin or locks , plus the female form. I will also tend to work with something option opposite in order to all of that, like bones, insects, sharp the teeth , or anything that may possibly provide discomfort to the particular viewer, she elaborates. `Somehow this provides an appealing strategy to a piece. In particular when the `ugly` parts very much harder to spot from first. To me this can be a very stark representation associated with what life is just like

Unify your colors , Having an uniform method to colour can help provide cohesiveness to your function . It`s a good concept to make sure of which your artwork has unifying colours, says Healy. `This consists of a specific colour palette, mood plus a way of spreading these kinds of through the entire art part . In addition, she implies creating a harmonious bottom by using tinted document or adding a history wash of colour (in paint). This will display through whatever you put together on top of that , thus giving it the appearance of cohesion. If I use coloured pencils, I`m fond of applying tinted paper produced by simply Kraft.

Try out different approaches to sets out , Another drawing technique issues line weight. As properly as demarcating different things , lines can help stress shadows. Thicker lines could fade and disappear to the shadows, which can assist convey the 3D type , explains Chiu.

Categorise your current fabric, Von Reuden clarifies ways to add value and even shading to create additional layers of depth in addition to weight. He admits of which , when drawing and re-creating fabric, the types associated with wrinkles created can almost all be placed under a few separate categories: hanging/relaxed, stretched/tension, and scrunched/compressed. Hanging material tends to be free and have a moving appearance. Stretched fabric produces long lines, usually using a point of assistance . Compressed fabrics bunch directly into each other, creating scrunched-looking areas.

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