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How To Draw Cartoon Cat

How To Draw Cartoon Cat How To Draw Cartoon Cat

Create another couple of overlapping ovals for the hind legs.

Don’t worry if you mess up. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Pencil (We used a green pen for visual purposes, use the pencil so you can erase you mistakes on the outline)

Create a couple of angular straight lines for the eyes and a triangle between them for the nose.

You make a triangle, except it’s rounded and pointed at the top. Then you make a curved line down the middle of the ear to separate the inside from the outside.

Add detail such as claws and patterns to the tail and face. Spots, stripes, etc.

Add in the facial features such as the nose, mouth, whiskers, and color in the eyes, black. Be creative! Maybe add little fangs to the mouth, or a fishtail? Or how about squiggly whiskers if you were drawing a tough cat or an alley cat?

Make small curves on either side from the tip of the triangle.

Draw a collar, a body and legs. Once again, creativity is the key. Especially the collar. A tough kitty could have skulls and fish bones. A sweet kitty could have flowers and hearts. Finally, a fancy kitty could have lots and lots of diamonds!

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Add color and you are done! But you don’t have to be. Draw a garden in the background or a simple food bowl, or whatever you can think of.

Although there are many different cool styles and suggestions on drawing cats, there are none with an anime-cartoon style. Here is a cute cat, with a style or anime-cartoon to it. It’s very easy to draw.

Extend three straight lines from the ovals and circles for the legs.

Use a pencil most of the time so you can erase your mistakes. Keep on practicing, you’ll get better and better the more you do so. Coloring your picture always makes it look better. Markers and colored pencils really make things look nice. do slender crayons. Try shading after you finish. When doing the sketch, do it lightly so the marks don’t stay. You could always go over the lines later. If you don’t have the same colors, don’t worry.

Any colors can work. Even purple!

Outline the body by drawing two more lines that connect the circles.

What can I do if every time I get to the eyes, they come out looking weird or creepy?

How do I get the head right without making it look long and kind of evil?

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Are there different types of cartoon cats that I could learn to draw?

In the guide below, each step is highlighted in a light blue color.

Start by drawing a circle close to the top left of your paper.

When I draw the traditional cat, the eyes always look too big for the head. How can I make this not happen?

There are many variations of cartoon cats. Tom and Butch from Tom and Jerry, Snowball I, II, and III from the Simpsons, and many others. As you can tell, the styles of them both are very different. This step-by-step guide will show you how to draw a cartoon cat. Let’s begin!

Sketch out the general shape of the cheeks LIGHTLY with pencil. Then go back over it and polish the shape a little.

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Add some details to the cat’s face by drawing the pupils and eyebrows.

You could use anything! I would suggest either watercolors, colored pencils, or crayons.

Practice, practice, practice! In the meantime, using a ruler can help you make sure you’re getting the proportions right.

Overlap further with smaller vertical ovals for the legs of the animal.

You can find a video version of this drawing tutorial below, as well as a printable PDF version.

The picture here has it yellow, but you can make it any color you like. Not all cats have a different-colored tail, so you could just make it all one color as well.

In this tutorial, we will draw a cute cartoon cat. The tutorial is quite easy, but if you’re looking for the simplest cat drawing tutorial, check out our How to Draw a Simple Cat drawing guide.

Español: dibujar un lindo gato de caricatura, Italiano: Disegnare un Gattino in Stile Cartoon, Русский: нарисовать милую мультипликационную кошку, Português: Desenhar um Gato Bonitinho de Desenho Animado

If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Simple Cat, Simple Dog, and Cartoon Dog.

You can only get better at things like drawing by practicing. While drawing does come naturally to some, it doesn’t to most.

Draw another, slightly smaller, circle to the right and below and connect it to the first circle with an arc.

It’s just like a lemon with a huge circle on the side. It’s real easy. Try different types of eye drawings to find the one you draw the best.

You don’t need any special pens or tools. A regular pencil, eraser, and paper are all you need. If you want, you can also color the drawing with colored pencils or pens.

Add the tail, back legs and more detail to the paws. You could make the tail scruffy to give it an “alley cat” look or fluffy, as if it were a “fancy kitty”.

You can look up images of cartoon cats first, and then real cats. Learning about cat anatomy will also help you draw cats, whether cartoon or realistic.

We will use some basic shapes to create the outline of the cat. These shapes will be erased later in the tutorial, so sketch with a light hand.

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Español: dibujar un gato de caricatura, Italiano: Disegnare un Gatto dei Cartoni Animati, Deutsch: Eine Comic Katze zeichnen, Português: Desenhar um Gato em Estilo Cartoon, Français: dessiner un chat de bande dessinée, Русский: нарисовать мультипликационную кошку, 中文: 画卡通猫

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Outline the legs by drawing two lines on both sides of each leg line we drew in step 4).

Draw steadily, and don’t be too fast. Have patience and keep practicing.

Try multiple versions of the cat. Draw one with the same eye size as usual, then another making them smaller, or bigger, or a different shape. Play with it until you find something you think looks good and you like.

You could even try to move the eye placement a little bit, making them closer or farther apart. Keep practicing and you’ll get the affect you want eventually.

Draw the shape of the head. This shape can vary. You could make it fluffy-looking by adding ear tufts, or maybe adding a swirly spiral of hair,etc.

Draw jagged lines on both sides of the face for some bushy facial fur.

Make the eyes (and ears, if you want) as large as possible, and make the other facial features small. Also, make sure you include very cute-looking paws.

Draw around a bottle or something round and then carefully sketch in the ears and make it look more realistic.

At first, draw the picture lightly. If you make mistakes in your drawing, then it will be easier to erase. Add eyelashes if you would like. If you are drawing a bunch of these cats, eyelashes can easily determine boy from girl.

Draw in the eyes, as seen in the image. These are in a sort of anime style, as they are much easier then drawing actual cat eyes. They also make the cat look much more cute.

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