How To Draw Cartoon Hands

pencil drawings How To Draw Cartoon Hands

How To Draw Cartoon Hands

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Hands are an essential part of your cartoon character. They can help determine moods, hold things, point to places and much more. In that respect, hands are just as important as the face.

Today I have added an extract from my upcoming tutorial ebook: How To Draw Cartoons (well that’s the current working title anyway). This section will teach you how to draw hands. Click below, or the image to read the full article.

This is the trickiest and most time-consuming method, but always delivers the best results if executed correctly.

Below are some examples of three-fingered-hands and four-fingered-hands.

The final method for drawing fingers is to use circles as joints where necessary.

Tip: Women’s hands are longer and more slender. Sometimes the ends of the fingers are slightly pointier too.

Many cartoon characters have three fingers and a thumb for each hand, although Manga-style characters tend to have the full human form of four fingers and a thumb. There is no exact rule for this though, so draw as you please. The same goes for thumbnails. Most cartoonists prefer not to draw thumbnails (me for one), but feel free to put them in if you so choose.

You will also want to include finger tips as ‘joints’ otherwise you won’t know where the finger ends. Then sketch around all the joints to create your hand. Once completed, sketch in fully.

So first draw your oval shape to represent the palm. Then add in all the circles which represent the joints. Ideally your joints will be the same width as the fingers/ thumbs themselves.

Once you have completed that, you can start shaping the hands into a curvier hand-form. Again, sketch this in lightly in case of mistakes. Once you are happy with the result, sketch in the hands properly.

There is more to this section…. Hands holding objects. But I’ll leave this as a taster. I hope this tutorial is helpful. Suggestions for improvements are welcome.

You can often relate your cartoon character’s facial expression to their hands.  For example, if your character were enraged, they would display a facial expression of gritted teeth and lowered eyebrows, with clenched fists of anger. On the other hand (no pun intended), your character could have a smile on his face with his thumbs up, suggesting everything is ‘okay’.

In the meantime, here is the How to Draw Cartoon Heads snippet from my upcoming eBook..

Another method for drawing hands is to use the stick method, as shown below. Start by drawing a circle this time as a guide, then place your sticks where you want the centre of your fingers to be. Then sketch around the sticks so that it makes up the fingers (and thumb.) Once complete, sketch it fully.

The best method for drawing hands is to start off with a simple cup shape that represents the palm. Next, you build on this by lightly sketching in ‘sausage-like’ shapes around the circle to represent fingers. Finally, you add in the thumb, just below and to the side of the fingers (the side depending on which hand you are drawing).


How To Draw Cartoon Hands