How To Draw Cat Warriors

July 27, 2018 12:02 am by theundertown
How to draw warrior cats
How to draw a cat
How To Draw Cat Warriors

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So I haven’t done any Warrior Cat characters in such a long time so today I will be filling a reques

Step 14: Add the eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers (which I forgot until the end)

This lesson goes out to all you Warrior Cat fans who love a particular kitty that is orange in color

Step 7: Sketch out the first front leg, remembering to not make it too stubby unless the cat is petit or young.

Step 10: Form the toes by splitting the half circle in parts and curving each one to a bean like shape. It helps if you have a reference photo of cat paws (my reference that I use occasionally is my aunt’s cat, Phoenix).

Step 15: Decorate it and design you cat however you please! 🙂

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I think it’s time to upload two more tutorials on some pretty famous Warrior Cats. The one I did a f

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Step 5: Sketch out a slightly curved line for the spine of the feline, adding a second circle connected to it. That will be the rump or pelvic area for the cat.

Step 12: Clean up the drawing by erasing any unneeded or wanted lines, slightly darkening the lines you wish to keep.

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Step 8: Do this for the other remaining legs, following the shape leg guide thingy above.

I’m sure folks will recognize the cute kitty in front of you from Warrior Cats. For my next chibi Wa

I really hope this wasn’t too complicated and i find if you pick up your own little tricks, you can add your own personal flair to your felines (i also found looking at other artwork, like from the YouTuber, Riverspirit, helps you learn variety and find what works for you). If you want, post a picture of your cat in the comments or leave suggestions of what tutorial next I should do (colouring, shading, side profiles, etc.).

Step 6: Connect the two circles with a curved line below it, serving as the underbelly part of the cat. Try not to make the cat too curvy or skinny as you want to remember there are still organs inside the cat! Also draw a smaller circle inside chest circle for the shoulder.

Here is another Warrior Cat’s star that has made it’s mark in the pages of the very popular teen nov

Step 4: Roughly at the end of the neck part, draw another circle about the size of the head (no need to be precise) and round the neck part so it connects to the bottom of the circle.

keep in mind the length of hair of your cat as certain breeds have different hair lengths

Step 9: Add in the shape for the paws, using also half circles

Here it is guys the cat that you have all been waiting for from the Warrior Cats book series. I have

Every once in a while I will get requests for me to make more character lessons on some of the cats

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Step 11: Round out all the blocky parts (use a reference photo if needed) and add a tail which starts from the top of the third circle (the rump of the cat). Keep in mind the fur length of your feline to determine the tail (long haired cats are more prone to fluffy, plumy tail whilst short haired cats have sleeker tails, or some even have bobs)

Step 1: Lightly sketch a circle for the head. Don’t press too dark on the pencil.

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I guess the first lesson I will submit is the one on “how to draw Longtail”, step by step f

Step 3: Make this weird triangle/rectangle shape for the neck. Keep it drawn in lightly and make sure it’s a decent neck size.

Hello once again folks and welcome back to another tutorial day here on I will go ahea

I don’t know why I keep doing it, but I was asked again to upload a tutorial on yet another Warrior

Step 13: Add the details like the fur fluffs where ever you want it,

Step 2: Sketch out were and how you want the ears and the cross thingy for lining up and centring the facial features.

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So i like to draw a lot, mainly cats, and have picked up a few tricks and stuff when drawing kitties to share with you guys. What that being said, I kinda thought that how about when sharing these little tricks/tips, I make little tutorials? Hopefully they fit the guidelines…yikes and sorry if they don’t…but uh here it is!

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So many of you have been leaving requests for me to make tutorials on some of your favorite Warrior

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