How To Draw Caterpillar

pencil drawings How To Draw Caterpillar

How To Draw Caterpillar

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How to draw a caterpillar
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How to draw caterpillar for children youtube
Description here you color in your caterpillar like so and that is it i hope you enjoyed yourself as you tackled the simple task of drawing a caterpillar
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Learn how to draw a caterpillar on a leaf insects step by step drawing tutorials
How to draw a caterpillar
How to draw a caterpillar
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How to draw a caterpillar
How to draw a caterpillar
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How to draw a caterpillar
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Start with the end of the circle and go back the same way you came. Make M’s with the center of each of the M’s going between each ‘u’ of the M.(Just like the Me-To We symbol!) Make a connecting tail that goes up into a triangle.

Connect the bottom and top M’s.

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Make circles instead of wavy lines and your caterpillar will look much better

Practice your drawing, and consider taking some art classes. Classes will help you learn 3D drawing and shading, and teach you to make your drawings more realistic.

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Start by making 4 M’s. Connect them all so that there is no space in between the letters.(The M’s have to be round! Not pointy.)

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Perhaps with a lot of perfect shading it can look a little 3D. You have to alter it with shading to make it look that way.

Draw 2 lines that come from the top of the head. Make two tiny circles on each end for antennas.

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How To Draw Caterpillar