How To Draw Charizard From Pokemon

pencil drawings How To Draw Charizard From Pokemon

How To Draw Charizard From Pokemon

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Step 3: Next, draw a triangle-like shape sitting on top of the horizontal construction line near the middle of the circle. This will be a guide for Charizard’s eye. The other eye will be on the other side of the head and will not be visible from this perspective. On top of the head, draw two small lines as guides for this Pokemon’s horns.

Erase the guide lines. These include the original circle and the line crossing the snout.

Color your Charizard. To color him in the classic style, shade his body orange, his wings and eyes teal, his belly light yellow, and his tail flame bright yellow. The claws may remain white.

Form the snout by extending a curved line from the bottom of the circle, and connecting it with the curved line you drew within the right side of the circle. Draw another curved line at the end of the snout.

Draw a curved line from the left side of the body to the right leg. This details the belly. Draw a flame at the end of the tail. Begin on one side of the tail tip, drawing a squiggly, jagged line. End the line at the other side of the tail tip.

Sketch in the arms and legs. The left arm consists of two curved lines extending from the body. The right arm is drawn using four curved lines that intersect the body and neck. For the lower legs, draw each using two curved lines.

Draw a circle at the end of each arm. This will form the hand. For each foot, connect the two sides of the leg using a bulbous, curving line.

Draw a roughly circular shape below the neck. This will form the body.

Draw three claws on each foot. To draw a claw, extend two curved lines from the foot. The lines will meet in a point. Connect the lines on the other end using a short, curved line. Each claw will resemble a curved triangle with a rounded base.

Step 4: Below Charizard’s head, draw a big circle as a guide for the bottom part of the body. This circle should be about four times the size of the first circle for the head. Pay attention to the distance between the two circles or your Charizard drawing can end up too long or too short.

Next, draw two highly curved lines on the top of the head. These will form the horns.

Draw the neck. Draw two curved lines extending from the bottom of the head, then connect these at the bottom using a shorter curved line.

Draw the wings. For each wing, extend a wavy line up from the shoulders, then curve it outwards and down. Draw a similar wavy line beneath the first. Repeat on the opposite side. Draw the eye using two curved lines. For the nose, draw two short, curved lines at the tip of the snout, and draw a longer wavy line above the left nostril. Draw a triangular tooth at the edge of the mouth.

Intro: Start off with a pencil sketch. In the beginning stages, don’t press down too hard. Use light, smooth strokes for sketching.

Step 5: Draw two long lines that connect Charizard’s head and the body to form the top part of the body and the neck. Notice how the two lines are closer together at the top than at the bottom.

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Are you ready to begin your Pokémon adventure? Charizard, I choose you!

Begin by drawing a small circle in the middle of your page. This will form the head.

To form the jaw, draw a curved line from the base of the left horn to the tip of the snout.

Draw the tail by extending a curved line from the leg and from the foot, meeting in a point. Finish the tail by adding another curved line between the body and the foot.

Draw three claws on each hand. Begin each claw by drawing a curved line that begins on the outside of the hand circle, curves outward, and ends within the circle. Then, draw a second, shorter curved line from the midpoint of the first, ending within the circle. Finally, connect the two line ends with a short, curved line. Also, draw a curved line through the middle of the hand to add detail.

In each illustration, new lines are highlighted in blue. Draw your lines lightly at first, as you will be erasing many to complete your drawing.

Step 1: Start by drawing a small circle near the top of the page as a guide for Charizard’s head. The circle doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s just a guide. Draw a curved horizontal line that splits the circle in half. This is a construction line that will help you place Charizard’s facial features later on.

To draw your own Charizard, follow this easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial. All you will need is a piece of paper and something with which to draw. You may also want to use crayons, colored pencils, or markers to color your work.

Begin to detail the face by drawing a vertical curved line in the center of the circle, and two more curved lines on the right of the circle.

Ever since its video game release in 1996 and the anime series debut in 1998, Pokémon has been popular among children, teenagers, and adults. The character Charizard adds humanity’s centuries-long fascination with dragons to this exciting world.

Draw a curved, “M” shaped line to connect each wing tip to the back. Detail the wings using two curved, vertical lines on each. Complete each eye using a curved line, a small circle, and a dot.

Learn how to draw Charizard from Pokemon with this step-by-step tutorial and video. A new cartoon drawing tutorial is uploaded every week, so stay tooned!

Step 2: Now draw two curved lines as guides for Charizard’s top and bottom jaw. The top curved line starts on one end of the horizontal construction line, comes outside of the circle and ends on the other end of the construction line. The bottom curved line should be shorter and be placed under the circle.

How To Draw Charizard From Pokemon