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How to draw winter chibi girl cute step by step christmas special
How To Draw Chibi Girl

How To Draw Chibi Girl How To Draw Chibi Girl

Step 16. Now for some detail! I love to see artists push themselves and go for more detail so if you’re continuing on, good for you! Lets first start by adding 4 extra circles and 2 curved prongs to the brooch in the center of her shirt. Then we can add in some flowey cloth sticking out from her shirt and pants. Make sure the bottom of the cloth does not separate or it’ll look strange. It’s all one cloth, instead of it being separate pieces.

Now let’s draw a small narrow shape of the torso. The length of the body is almost equal to the length of the head. Don’t forget to draw a short but noticeable neck.

Here we will draw out the upper body of our Chibi Girl. The figure of a chibi is usually not very similar to that of an ordinary human, but in this lesson we made our chibi girl a little more look like a real girl.

Step 11. Now using your skeletal outline, draw in the body. Make sure to keep the chest flat and the rib area much thinner than her thighs. This chibi is just going to be a large thigh chibi. Erase the part of the chin that overlapped her neck so it is all connected. From here, you can add whatever type of hair or clothing you want, or you can continue the tutorial and add the clothes that I drew!

Hi ya’ll! I drew a boys tutorial a bit back and figured a girls tutorial would be nice to see around too. I’ve also had a couple of requests for this so here it is! The end chibi for this tutorial may seem complicated but don’t worry! The first part of this tutorial will show you how to draw the easy version and the second part will be for the more advanced people who like to add lots of fine detail. Take from this what you will and you can even dress her up in something else! Enjoy!

Step 17. Now you can add in the bands around her arm and the frilly lace glove on her hand. To get the lace effect, just draw tear drops in the highest part of the bumpy cloth and circles below and between them. This creates a nice simple lace. Draw in the thin lines at the bottom of her pants and the rubber bottoms to her boots.

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Step 20. Now you’re done! Congratulations! I hope you had fun and happy drawing everyone!

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Step 4. Chibi girl eyes start out just as basic as chibi boy eyes. Start with a thick shape for the outer semi-circle and draw in your preferred iris. Chibis have large cute eyes so try to keep your iris large and taking up most of the area of the eye.

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Envato Market has a range of items for sale to help get you started.

In this step we wiil draw out the hair and contours of the face. Draw eyebrows and erase all unnecessary guidelines from the head.

All we have to do is draw jeans. If you draw pockets and small creases on the fabric you will make your drawing more realistic and complete.

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Step 7. Now to start building a chibi with what you learned! Start with the basic head circle. This will help you determine just how big you want your head to be.

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Step 13. Using a thick square, draw in the buckle for her belt off to the side of her, and draw it wrapping around her waist. Don’t forget the holes on the belt! Her pants are really really tight up around her thighs so you really only have to draw where the pants end flaring out. Make sure the pants come off her knees and don’t just rest on her leg. You can draw in a little belly button too.

Step 2. Females can be boxy and without curves because chibis can be so unisex. However, unlike boys, chibi girls can have nice curves as well! The chibi on your left has nice curvy hips and thighs, but no breasts. The chibi on your right has breasts and curvy hips, but straight thighs. It all depends on what you prefer with your chibi.

Step 5. Now to take these eyes from regular eyes to pretty girl eyes, just fill in the thick area and then begin to add lashes to the outer edge of each eye. There can be a whole lot of lashes, or just a couple. This is entirely up to you. Then go ahead and add a couple of lashes to the inner upper part of the eye and a couple to the outer lower part of the eye. This is how you get the girly chibi eyes!

Step 18. Go ahead and add in another thin line to the collar and draw in some folds on her sleeves and around the brooch. This adds to the puffy sleeve look and helps make it more realistic. Draw in a thin line to the side band on her head also.

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Step 1. Posing and base skeletal guide lines can look very different for all different types of chibis. They all will work for chibis, but some work better for other chibis. If you want to draw a curvy waisted/hipped chibi, I would suggest using a circle, or half circle, or just a plain horizontal line with stick legs (Shown in chibi tutorial below)

Now let’s draw a big expressive eyes. Draw dark eyelashes and pupils with glare. By the way, you can practice drawing eyes in this anime drawing lessons.

Step 6. Now all you need is a head. This is taken from my chibi heads tutorial because it shows you all different types of heads as well as the guidelines you should use with them. For this tutorial I’ll be using head #4 because I think my chibi looks best with the flat chin look.

Step 19. Now add in the gems to the band, making sure they have another circle or half circle around them to show they have a setting and aren’t just the gems alone.

Step 3. When drawing a curvy chibi, there are a few places you should really look out for and make sure they don’t end up too straight or boxy. On your left, we have a flat chested chibi with a curvy lower body. To do this, make sure the waist area just below where the ribs would be is indented. Then make sure your thighs come out far enough and then back in at the back of the knee. This helps create that lovely curvy feel to the lower body. For the chibi on the right, pay attention to the breasts. They should start under the arms where the arm pits are, then create an hourglass figure by drawing the waist in and then bringing it out at the hip area. it is very important to keep at least some type of hourglass figure when drawing curvy chibis.

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Very nice. I drew this myself and was very successful, thanks to you guys! You’re very talented!

Our task in this step is to draw a hairstyle silhouette.You can make the hair shorter or longer. Also you can make completely different haircut. By the way, do not forget to draw the contours of clothing.

Step 9. I’ve drawn in some light guide lines to help with eyes. Now, taking what you learned about drawing chibi girl eyes, you can start to construct these eyes. The red outline shows you the basic starting shape without the lashes. Start with this shape first and color it in when you’ve got it. Then start to add in the large and small lashes. Add in as many as you like!

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Thank you for reading our lesson about how to draw a Chibi Girl.

Thank you so much! I got so much inspiration! You’re very talented!

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Step 12. Now we want to add in her shirt. Make sure the clothes are on her and not part of her skin by drawing the clothing off her body a bit. Poof out the sleeves by using angles and make sure the focal point of her chest is the circle brooch in the center. Flip the collar out a bit just for fun too.

First we will draw a large oval. Place it on top of the sheet. As you probably guessed, we drew a contour of the head.

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Step 10. After you have your eyes, draw in a cute chibi open mouth that shows her tounge. Draw in her bangs and eye lines so we know just how far down her hair is going to go. It should reach to about or just above her shoulders.

Step 14. Following the shape of her feet, draw in some cute little boots with two clips on each of them. Notice they are touching the foot at the bottom and at the top, they tuck and come off the leg? This helps get the feel that her feet are in the boots instead of the boots being part of her.

Hello! Today we will show you how to draw a Chibi girl step by step.

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In this step we will draw the outlines of the legs and arms. In fact, these proportions are not quite typical for Сhibi, because usually the legs of Chibi are much smaller. Another important thing: the bodies of chibi women and chibi men have the same proportions usually.

Step 8. Now because I want to use the flat chin head, we need to cut off part of the circle. I left the part I cut off very light so you can see where it happened. This chibi is going to be slightly turned so don’t cut the chin straight across the body, cut it more at a curved angle. Draw in the skeletal guide lines.

Step 15. Now draw in the rest of her short hair. The lowest part of the hair should already be drawn so make sure it starts to curve up from there. Draw the hair off the head shape to make her head feel bigger than it actually is and give volume to her hair style. Draw in a little side head band after you’ve drawn in the hair and don’t forget her eyebrow! After you complete this step the novice portion of the tutorial ends! If you want to continue on to add in the details, I encourage it but it is not required!

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