How to draw a simple tree
How to draw a tree tutorial
How To Draw Easy Trees

How To Draw Easy Trees How To Draw Easy Trees

Draw a vertical trunk (as shown in this wikiHow). Then draw a line curving out and down on either side. Repeat this, sort of stacking them on top of each other about 4 times. Then on the last curves, make them connect in a point.

Then add texture lines up the trunk and curving down and out however you like. If you don’t like how it turns out the first time, practice a few more times.

Define the leaf areas in the foreground, and add some branches coming up behind them, also a few roots.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even add shadows that the branches are casting on the rest of the tree.  Actually, at this point, I really liked what this tree was coming out like, and maybe I should have kept it as a winter tree…

Expand on these shapes by making the circle into a cloud, and making the line beneath a trunk with irregular ends (these are your roots).

Now each one of the main branches gets a few branches of their own, but smaller and added a squiggle on the bottom to indicate a bit of grass.

I keep working on the crown, now by adding some layers, and outlines. I also erased the line that was giving me the initial crown shape idea.  When shading, keep in mind where the sun is coming from: areas facing the sun should be lighter then the areas facing away from it.

Erase the cloud-like shape of the leaves. Now, you have the shape of a leafless tree, which is perfect for a winter scene.

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Draw the branches at the top, connected to the wider points at the top of the tree.

This tree is more of a bush.  All the branches are coming out from the bottom, and growing to about the same size.  I start with five main branches.

You can use the light of the sun to put shadows on an already dark tree, then color the background a dark blue or gray.

Here are steps on how to draw a simple tree, a subject popular with artists as they depict the beauty of nature. Once you get the basics down, you can expand and create different designs.

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First, draw the trunk going up and getting thinner at the top. Add the leaves to the top. The lines for your leaves should droop down.

‘How to draw a tree?’ is a question that I get asked often, online an offline, so I decided to make this tutorial here.  I made 7 drawings of various trees with step by step instructions.  I hope you all find it helpful!

This particular project took me a while to complete.  At first I just started drawing sunflowers and photographing every step, as …Read More

Even more small branches, making the bush thicker and thicker.

Draw rings and curves to the trunk to resemble woody texture to the trunk.

Use hatching or fine lines to create texture on the layers of the tree (like little pine needles). Add a small trunk if desired.

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Even more smaller branches splitting off from the bigger ones.  I also pick an spot where the sunshine is coming from.  I also shade the trunk a bit, using long straight lines.

Too often kids (and adults) draw trees which ends in a stump, and has a semi round crown on top of it.  Here I start by doing that, and then work on it some more.

I erased the stump line and gave the tree a few branches, but instead of doing the way I did the above trees, I ended them half way and will cover them up with leaves.

As before, I drew the line and the crown, but this tree is being bent by the wind, so the tree will be bending down a bit.

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Shade the trunk a bit, and then start shading the leaves that are towards the back.

I add a small triangular shape on top with straight lines all moving to the top.

It’s helpful to have a simple evergreen tree style in your drawing repertoire. This is the type of tree you’ll draw for Christmas trees or snowy forest scenes.

Add small pink flowers to your tree, and instead of drawing clusters of leaves, draw a few leaves separately.

Make the trunk thicker.  It is thick towards the bottom and the roots, and narrows closer to a point toward the top.

Start by drawing a trunk that is thinner at the top and then drawing a bunch of different circles for leaves.

For me drawing trees is all about branches and the crown, and fining a balance that you are happy with.  There are many amazing artists, books and tutorials out there all about drawing trees.  For example, THIS BOOK is very good, and my kids and I enjoyed it in the past.

Then I went all out and decided I am going to use my eraser and add some sun rays coming out of the corner.

This is an easy tutorial for a simple and classic tree shape, which is suitable in a variety of settings, from a front yard to a park to a cheerful background shape.

Français: dessiner un arbre simple, Italiano: Disegnare un Albero, Español: dibujar un árbol simple, Deutsch: Einen einfachen Baum zeichnen, Português: Desenhar uma Árvore Simples, Русский: нарисовать простое дерево, 中文: 画一棵简单的树, Bahasa Indonesia: Menggambar Pohon Simpel

Overlap two triangles below it, with each one either the same size or slightly larger in size.

Alright, now leaves are squiggly lines drawn with the side of my pencil.  Some of them are flying off, so more small squiggles.  I also add a horizon line: where the water meets the sky and some grass on the hill.

Add some refinements to the tree, such as a “v” at the top of where the trunk meets the leaves, to indicate that under those leaves, there are branches.

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Progress even further by adding scumbling or irregular markings to indicate the presence of leaves between the branches. This will give you a more lifelike look for your tree, and affords you the opportunity to create trees that look like they are in springtime bloom.

I extend the trunk shape up.  As before, it’s thicker towards the bottom, and comes to a point on top.

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Add swirls to make the tree look wooden and made out of natural bark.

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To create a more realistic tree, follow steps 1-4, but create the skeleton of branches beneath the cloud-like shape of the leaves. This photo includes how you can use the cloud-like shape as a guide for how far to extend the branches, as well as a closeup of the branch shape, which is basically made of two parallel lines with irregular vertical lines shooting off of either side.

It’s absolutely true: trees can be drawn at any level of artistic training. This post will teach you how to draw two types of trees, with optional more advanced variations, allowing you to make your trees as simple or complicated as you’d like.

This tree was especially fun to draw.  I started to draw it by drawing the ovals for the leaf parts.  I decided on four, but if you want more, that would be quite awesome too! Then I added some squiggly lines coming down to the same area for the tree trunk.

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First, follow one of the ways above up to the coloring stage. Then, draw uneven circles in the leaves to symbolize the missing ones. Color the rest of the leaves red, orange, and yellow.

A bit of grass, and some textures on the ‘umbrellas’, also make the ‘umbrella’ textures thicker on the bottom and thinner on top.

You can draw legs hanging down from the branches or people wrapping their arms around the trunk. You could also show people hanging from the branches of the tree with their hands. If you want to know how to draw that, I would recommend looking up images of people in trees and copying those.

I kept working on the leaves, occasionally using my eraser to add highlights, until I was somewhat happy with it.

Erase the overlapping portions of the triangle. Make the bottom of each of the triangles slightly rippled. This could be where you call it a complete tree, or you could move forward with the following optional steps.

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Putting my pencil sideways, I shade in the area in the crown where the leaves are.  I am going in a sort of irregular pattern of peaks and troughs.

Erase the simple lines that you started with. See? You have a tree already. You could stop here, or you could move forward with the following optional steps.

It’s also great to add different shades of green to your tree for a more in-depth look of the colors. Add more branches for a more detailed look. Trees in summer are usually covered in green so much, that you can’t see the branches, so if you want it to look like that,add no branches whatsoever!! Don’t forget to darken the ground on the side opposite the sun to give it a realistic shadow effect.

You can use a pencil to shade on three different tones. Don’t press the lead in too hard or you won’t be able to erase it. Adding varying shades of colour will make the simple drawing look more detailed, say for example using different shades of green and brown.

Draw some detail into the leaves by adding some swirls in it

I added some clouds, shaded the water, drew a sand line, and some tall grass on the hill.  The tall grass is also leaning in the winds direction.  I also darkened some of the leaves a bit.

With the side of my pencil I added some shadow to where the leaves are going to be.

Alright, here is tree number one.  I call this one “Tree # 1”.  🙂

Here is more branches.  Here is the thing about the branches.  The thick, main branches are stronger, so they will not be as affected by the wind, but the smaller branches will all point in the direction of the wind.

Keep adding the branches with needles to about half way, and then sketch a few empty branches.  Thicken the trunk.  Add a shadow to the tree.

I added some more detailed leaves, but they could also be berries, or flowers, or what ever else you would like.

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Shade the trunk with straight lines. Decide on where the sun will be and add shadows to the areas facing away from the sun.

Start by drawing a circle with a line beneath it. It will kind of look like a lollipop.

…but no, I had to go and add squiggly lines to indicate leaves.

I start with a line and the general shape that I would like the crown to be.

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Add some main branches.  Because the wind is blowing, many of the branches are leaning to the right.

I decided that the tree shouldn’t just hang in the air, so I gave it more grass, and shaded in the background.

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Green, brown and black colored pencils or pens. The color black is needed to trace

The same thing with the branches. They are thicker toward the base and narrower towards the tip.  Easy-peasy.

I added more lines to create thicker trunk branches, added more branches going out to the ‘umbrellas’ and added a few empty branches as well.

Anybody can learn how to draw trees. All you need is a pencil or pen and an eraser, and within five minutes you’ll not only be drawing trees, but creating forests.

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Make the branches thicker, and add some more small branches.

And keep working on the crown.  Just doodling away until you feel your tree crown is complete.

You can also make your tree snowy by only applying the textural lines on the bottom portion of each section of the tree, so that the top portion of each segment is left white, as if there is snow on top.

Draw figures that resembles branches growing from the sides of the trunk. The branches need to be thinner than the trunk.

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Draw the leaves collectively which grow from the branches. Add details like the cuts and curves of the leaves.

Even further, I got eraser happy and made more rays coming out through the tree and on the ground below it.  Tree # 1 is all done!!!

Now get your green pen out and start coloring the branches!!

I added more details to the trunk, made more squiggly branches, and added some shading to the ‘umbrella’ portions.

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Draw two vertical lines parallel to one another, and curved at the base. This will be the trunk of the tree.

This was the first tree I actually drew, and I wasn’t too thrilled about it, but here it is anyway.  I start as before, a line for the trunk, and a circular shape for the crown.

This tutorial is my take on drawing trees.  For these drawings I used a regular sketching pencil, though the same principal applies to other mediums as well.  I also adjusted all the sketches in Gimp 2 so that they are more visible, so there will be a slight variation between the photos.

Follow the steps in this article but instead of making thick leaves, simply put buds and small leaves or flowers on the tree. You can also look up pictures of spring trees for reference.

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There you go! My trees are all done.  Now go and practice some trees of your own! Play around, and draw some amazing trees!

Draw a basic tree base. straight lines with a wider point at the top and bottom.

One more little thing I noticed is that I needed to give myself extra space.  I would usually run out of space for the tree much quicker then I thought I would.

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