How To Draw Elephant Cartoon

pencil drawings How To Draw Elephant Cartoon

How To Draw Elephant Cartoon

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Good! Complete this cartoon elephant by adding a long curved line inside each ear. You can also add small oval shapes inside the feet and draw two more oval shapes inside the pupils. 🙂

First, draw a large circular shape to represent the head. On the bottom of this shape, you can draw a large trunk using curved lines. Simply look at the illustration below to see how this first step should be made. 

You can try a more complex version of a cartoon elephant if you are already comfortable with this one. Practice as much as needed and enjoy these tutorials! 🙂

Cool! Draw a second round shape just below the head. This new element must be slightly larger and longer. On the bottom, you can draw two more rectangles to illustrate the front legs of the elephant. 

Then, draw the ear and the trunk. Complete your drawing by adding the eyes, the tail and the nails. Et voilà! A simple elephant using simple shapes!

A big tutorial on how to draw an elephant for a huge animal that deserves all the attention! It is quite easy to draw an elephant and make sure that the result is perfect: simple draw a large body, large ears and a trunk and that’s it! Is it? Yes and no.

Since this animal can weight over 6000 lbs, it’s important to really draw a big round body (1) to really achieve our goal. The color of an elephant is a mix of dark brown and yellow.

Nicely done! The black and white version below can help you see all elements of this cartoon elephant in one single illustration. 

You can practice yourself by drawing only the head if you feel more comfortable doing so (1) (4). Don’t forget to use big round shapes. This will help you give a sense of weight to your creation. Drawing big ears and two tusks is the key to create a simple sketching of an elephant that will look like one!

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a cute character using simple shapes in only six easy steps. The selected template shows a front version of this adorable animal. Ready to draw? Let’s begin this lesson now! 🙂

The ears are created from long curved lines like shown on the image below. The back legs are also made from large rectangles and the tail is drawn from a small triangle. 

The eyes and the pupils are made from circular shapes. As you can see in the fourth step below, pupils are slightly closer to each other. It’s a good technique to give a more appealing look to the cartoon animal. 

Looking at the shape of this splendid animal, you can see that the head and the body are really large and round. The legs are rather small compared to the rest of the body but elephant can still run at 10 to 20 mph. 

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Let’s try to draw a simple elephant. Start by sketching an oval for the head. Next, draw another one for the body. Then, draw four small rectangles to represent the legs. 

Drawing cartoon elephants: some fun facts before starting sketching!

That might not seem impressive, but they do have to carry a lot of weight! The ears are made of a round thin shape. The trunk is made of several small rectangles.

Even if elephants have big ears, they don’t hear very well.An elephant can live up to 80 years.Some elephants can weight near 14 000 pounds. Step 1

Let’s see how we could draw some nice elephants by studying it’s anatomy first. Elephant are well-known for their big ears (2), large tusks (3), very agile and strong trunk as well as their big feet (5). 

How To Draw Elephant Cartoon