How To Draw Elephant Face

pencil drawings How To Draw Elephant Face

How To Draw Elephant Face

Learn how to draw an elephant head zoo animals step by step drawing tutorials
Learn how to draw an elephant head zoo animals step by step drawing tutorials
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How to draw an elephant
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How to draw an elephant
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How to draw an elephant for kids front facing elephant head
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How to draw an elephant
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Simple lesson how to draw animal elephant face using marker pen
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How to draw elephants face quickly and easily
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Draw three circles interconnected with the other. Connect it with a membrane-like shape.

Add details for the legs and draw the legs on the other side using the front leg as a guide. Add the tail.

Follow the instructions on how to draw a side on elephant, and, if necessary, just flip the way you draw. For a herd of them, start by drawing the elephant in the front and then just add the top halves of the elephants behind; you don’t need to draw the bottom half as it will be hidden.

Try to stay half and half, so not too many highlights in the eye, ears kind of big but not bigger than the body – keep it slightly realistic looking.

Four Methods:Drawing a Cartoon ElephantDrawing a Simple ElephantDrawing a Front-Facing Elephant HeadDrawing a Chibi ElephantCommunity Q&A

You can draw by watching other people do it or practice it over and over to improve your drawing. Follow the steps in this article.

Add the eyes using a small circle and the eyebrows using small strokes. Add a large protruding tooth using a curved line and sketch a few strokes on the upper part of the elephant’s trunk.

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Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw an Elephant Head Elephant is a big animal and is found in various parts of the world. It is liked by kids of every age.

Sketch the body and limbs from the outline you have drawn earlier.

Draw the mother with one of these methods, then copy a smaller version with a different or the same one.

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Draw the elephant’s trunk on the first circle and a fan-like shape for the ears.

Add the tail using two curved lines and a few hair at the ends of the tail. Draw the elephant’s nails using curved lines.

To draw a cartoon elephant, start by drawing a circle with an oval attached to it on the right side. Off of the circle, draw curves for the elephant’s trunk and ears. Then, draw rectangles off of the oval for the elephant’s legs. Add eyes, tusks, and wrinkle lines to the face and trunk, and sketch a tail off of the back of the oval. Using your outlines, darken the shape of the elephant, and add color to finish the drawing.

Draw 2 pear shaped ovals from the middle portion of the circle to the oval’s mid portion. This will be the ears of your elephant. This is ideal for baby elephants.

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Draw a circle and a large oblong attached to it. The oblong should slightly overlap the circle.

How do I draw a herd of elephants going and facing towards the right side?

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Trace with a pen and erase unnecessary lines and add small details to your liking.

Elephants are the largest living land animals. They are found in Africa and southern Asia. They are heavy plant eaters they are known for their big ears, long trunk and tusks, and memory. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to draw one of these amazing creatures. Let’s begin!

You could find an object that’s curved, like a can, and use that to draw both parts of the elephant so they’re equal. You could also measure your lines with a ruler to ensure that your tusks and ears are the same size.

Draw the ears of the elephant from the upper intersect of the oval and circle.

Draw the eyes using curved strokes. Sketch a protruding tooth just beneath the tusk.

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Draw a circle and a big oblong shape attached to it. Draw the elephant’s trunk using curved lines and the ears using a wide inverted C shape, use parallel lines to form the limbs and small circles for the eyes.

Use a photo for reference and add details after you have drawn the basic foundation.

Draw the whole body based on the outline you have drawn and add the tail. Don’t forget to draw curved lines on each limb for the nails.

Draw a medium sized circle and add a big oval shape for the body.

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Sketch short random strokes on the elephant’s body, especially to areas usually covered in shadow.

Draw the half of the legs using “U” shaped lines to provide framework. The other half of the legs are more of a rounded square.

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Draw the elephant’s trunk using curved lines and the ears using a wide inverted C shape.

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Draw the body of the elephant and then detail it with tiger qualities. For example, you could add stripes to the elephant’s body, or give it a tiger snout instead of a trunk.

Draw a medium sized circle and add a big oval shape for the head.

Draw 2 arcs from the intersect of the circle and oval down and a wavy line at the bottom of the circle for the truck.

You will just have to keep adjusting your drawing until it looks right. Getting the proportions correct can take a lot of practice, so don’t feel discouraged if your first few drawings don’t come out exactly how you want them to.

How To Draw Elephant Face