How To Draw Football

pencil drawings How To Draw Football

How To Draw Football

Learn how to draw a football other sports step by step drawing tutorials
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How to draw a football
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Footballs can be useful to know how to draw. By following this tutorial, even the most artistically challenged can create a realistic-looking football. Let’s begin!

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Make three vertical lines within the shape of the smiling mouth joining the top and bottom edges to form the teeth.

Draw a large oblong at the middle of the page. Draw a vertical middle line which extends from both ends (left to right).

Fill the gaps with lines meeting on the perpendicular lines to form three pentagons.

Outline the picture and erase the guidelines. Add more details if you want to, such as more lines to give it a weathered look, or even some players tossing it back and forth.

Make a couple of overlapping ovals at the top of the circle to form the shapes of the eyes.

Draw two rectangles near both edges. Don’t go beyond the lower line, though, or your football will look a bit unusual.

Make two hexagons and a pentagon on three corners of the ball.

Join further slightly squeezed hexagons from three alternate sides of the hexagon.

Draw two slightly curved lines near the middle. They should be mirror images of one another, as shown.

Draw a couple of paddle-shapes to create the feet of the ball-character detached from the circle.

Create a pentagon with an inclined axis at the centre of the circle.

Join a couple of lines each from the five earlier lines drawn.

Insert a smaller oval each inside the above made eyes to form the eye-balls.

Draw perpendicular lines bisecting each other at the centre.

Add in a long, thin rectangle in the upper line. Don’t let it reach the two vertical rectangles!

Soccer balls are fun to play with, but can be unfamiliar to draw. The traditional soccer ball is made from two flat shapes, pentagons and hexagons. A pentagon, of course, is a five sided polygon, while a hexagon has six sides. The instructions here will help you to understand how a soccer ball looks so you can draw one. Let’s begin!

Draw a modest-sized hexagon at the centre of the circle to form the first guide to the shape of the ball.

Nothing is the absence of everything. ‘Drawing nothing’ is simply having a blank piece of paper with nothing drawn on it.

Join a couple of tube-like shapes on each side of the ball to form the arms of the character.

Two Methods:A Traditional FootballA Basic FootballCommunity Q&A

Attach nine small joining lines to complete the guides to form the shapes of the ball.

Español: dibujar un balón de fútbol americano, Português: Desenhar uma Bola de Futebol Americano, Italiano: Disegnare un Pallone da Football Americano, Deutsch: Einen Fussball zeichnen, Français: dessiner un ballon de football américain, Русский: рисовать футбольный мяч, 中文: 画橄榄球, Bahasa Indonesia: Menggambar Sebuah Bola Sepak

Draw the football’s shape (like a sideways egg) either with rounded or pointed ends. The illustration here shows a rounded one, but footballs in real life tend to end in points.

Draw two rings facing each other using the curve lines as guide.

Draw the adjoining edges and the laces that put them together.

Add eye-brows on top of the eyes slightly edging out of the circle and spikes on the shoes with a line for the soles as well.

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Draw two points to show the front and back points of the ball. Draw curves to connect them. Make sure they are not too arched or too flat. Draw the laces very thin.

Join short lines to edges of the circumference to complete forming all the lines of the soccer-ball.

Draw a smaller oval but with the same length as the middle line.

Three Methods:A Simple Soccer BallA Cartoon Soccer BallA Traditional Soccer BallCommunity Q&A

Don’t draw darkly at first, just sketch it out your first try. You can fill out the lines after you finish. Don’t make the pentagon too big or else the soccer ball won’t look good Avoid drawing the shapes too small; they should take up a good amount of space on the ball.

If you are finished and it is so not perfect give it another go! Be sure that you aren’t smudging your drawing.

Draw five straight lines from the five vertices of the pentagon.

Color it in. Footballs mostly come in brown, but you might want to make yours the colors of your favorite team, or some sort of interesting pattern–that part is up to you!

You can do it by doing one line straight then do one that is the same size and that is angled. Sort of like a pattern. Until you have 8 or 5 lines in total depending on the shape you want.

You can practice a lot, or you can measure out the lines and draw them with a ruler to make them more perfect.

Traditional soccer balls have black pentagons and white hexagons, but you can mix up the styles and colors for your own unique design. Sketch the lines out freehand to make it look better and more realistic.

It may take you a few tries to get this right, as it is not mathematically possible to draw a perfect soccer ball. Don’t rush!!! Take your time, and it WILL be worth it! Draw large figures. Small ones will look unrealistic and misplaced.

It is really stressful to try to make a perfect soccer ball. Remember to do it slowly and take deep breaths. Be sure to use a ruler when making your soccer ball. A good way to shade is to lightly shade in your shadowed area with pencil, and then use your pinky finger to smooth out the color.

You can use anything you want to draw with, though you may want to sketch lightly if you do not want the guidelines to be visible.

Draw a smile of the ball-character at the base of the ball below the eyes.

Add in eight small, rectangular shapes for the stitches. They can be as thick or thin as you like, but you probably don’t want to make them larger than the primary line if you’re going for a realistic look.

Based on the guides, draw curved lines to enhance the realistic shapes of the sphere.

Italiano: Disegnare un Pallone da Calcio, Español: dibujar una pelota de futbol, Deutsch: Wie man einen Fussball zeichnet, Português: Desenhar uma Bola de Futebol, Nederlands: Een voetbal tekenen, Français: dessiner un ballon de football, Русский: нарисовать футбольный мяч, 中文: 用三种方法画足球, Bahasa Indonesia: Menggambar Bola Sepak, العربية: رسم كرة قدم, ไทย: วาดลูกฟุตบอล

Join further regular-shaped tubes joining the bottom of the ball to the paddle-feet to form the legs of the character.

How To Draw Football