How To Draw Graffiti Letters A

pencil drawings How To Draw Graffiti Letters A

How To Draw Graffiti Letters A

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Of course you can, just use some creativity and you can make it with pretty much any medium, even paint programs.

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You can learn from others but never copy someone else’s work. That’s the number one rule of tagging. Never trace and say it’s yours. Be original and have in mind what the message is you want to get through.

You can also try adding extensions to your letters to make them look cooler. This takes time to get a feel for where they can go to still look good. You can also use a stencil to practice. You should look in comics or on the web for help on these things because they have really expressive words and backgrounds.

You could trace graffiti out of magazines just to get the feel of writing it, but don’t trace it then say it’s yours because that’s cheating. One way you can start is to write the letter normal then add details.

Add more details by drawing a design on the graffiti. You can choose any design that you want. Metallic, balloon, fluffy, gummy, and so on. I chose drawing cracked lines on the sample.

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If you’re new to graffiti and can’t think of a way to write it, just go on Google Images and search for a graffiti alphabet and write your word like that.

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Add the actual lines for the graffiti designs on the letters. Draw pointed lines intersecting the others.

You could do an internet image search for the word, play with different fonts on a computer or just play around with your own designs.

Instead of adding shadows, choose a bright color that is contrasting the colors of the letters. Graffiti colors almost always have contrasting colors. However, you can also use colors that complement each other.

Be careful if you draw these in class. If your teacher or some snitch sees your tag on a wall, fence etc., and on your binder than you can get in a lot of trouble. Only graffiti where it is permissible on school grounds etc.

If there is nowhere to do so, lobby the principal and school board for a place. It’s a good exercise in asking for community projects. Ask permission first, if you are thinking of drawing graffiti on someone else’s property or possessions.

If anyone starts copying your exact copy, ask them to draw it while you watch them.

Though the style you choose for your graffiti letters is ultimately up to you, there are a few standards that go for all graphics. Method one outlines a simple, foolproof way of creating vivid, stylized graffiti letters; method two takes on the same task in a more complex, skillful manner. Pencil at the ready!

Will it help me to watch Style Wars or Piece by Piece? Are there any sites dedicated to graffiti?

Can I draw a transparent graffiti with just a 2b pencil, hb, and 2h pencil?

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Two Methods:Simple GraffitiComplex Graffiti DesignCommunity Q&A

Add actual lines for the graffiti designs on the letters. Most graffiti designs are connected, intersecting or on top of one part of the other.

How To Draw Graffiti Letters A