How To Draw Ice Cream

pencil drawings How To Draw Ice Cream

How To Draw Ice Cream

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With the details added, your scoop is starting to take form and look a bit more realistic than in the first step.

Two Methods:A Basic Ice Cream ConeA Cartoon Ice Cream ConeCommunity Q&A

This article will show you how to draw a detailed ice cream cone both with and without a scoop of ice cream. This ice cream cone will also be semi-realistic in its details. Follow the instructions below carefully to complete this accurately. Let’s begin!

How do I make the cone look like a cream-colored cone, instead of a waffle cone?

Draw a line above it that is slightly longer than the one underneath. Make the lines parallel.

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Outline the side of the cone making curves where the criss-crossed lines meet.

The color is pink, brown and orange. You can make the colors anything you’d like, though.

Yes. All you have to do is draw a cone, which is a flat or round top, and a bottom triangle with the point facing down. Add the ice cream, which is a round top or half circle on the top of the cone.

Draw a line on the top that is slightly longer than the top of the v.

A simple and easy tutorial for those who’d like to draw a simple ice cream cone! Let’s begin!

Neither step is mandatory, it just depends on how you want it to look.

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For the cone, use a light ochre or sand color. For the ice cream, use whatever color you like.

A real life ice cream scoop is not perfectly round like you see in cartoony ones. There are tons of lines and indentations in the scoop itself.

Two Methods:Ice Cream Cone without ScoopIce Cream Cone with ScoopCommunity Q&A

Be creative! Unleash your artistic creativity! Don’t be afraid of messing up on the detail. Drawing in the details is a pretty flexible process that’s hard to screw up by accident. Be sure to have all of your drawing supplies with you initially.

These will include a wooden or mechanical pencil, a nice eraser, paper and a hard surface to draw on.

Make them squares and almost 3-D. Don’t fully connect the squares though; leave a small gap in the middle for the 3-D effect.

Español: dibujar un cono de helado simple, Português: Desenhar um Cone de Sorvete Simples, Italiano: Disegnare un Semplice Cono Gelato, Русский: нарисовать простой рожок мороженого

Draw small squares inside each compartment from the criss-crossed lines.

Continue drawing in more detail to your scoop’s base like so.

Draw criss-crossed lines on the cone’s body using slanted lines.

Feel free to color your ice cream cone using an art medium of your choice. Get creative with it if you want! That’s a wrap!

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Add two slanted lines overlapping each other on top of the V shape. Cover the cone with a convex line.

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Think about the overall design of an ice cream cone. It’s crisscrossed like a waffle. Start drawing in your crisscross pattern in this step.

Add the bottom part of the scoop (the part that looks like a cloud) onto the top of the dome of the original scoop. This should overlap the last scoop.

After you are finished with your crisscross design, that is all for the drawing process!

The chocolate flake has been included just as an idea. Otherwise, it’s up to you and your imagination!

First with your pencil, start off by drawing the ice cream scoop itself. Draw it as if you were going to draw a half circle.

Start off by drawing a cup shape, with a rectangle on top of it. Afterward, go in and add details such as brand names, cracks in the cone, or machinery markings.

Do I need to erase the unnecessary lines? And do I have to color it?

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Draw two more slanted lines on top mimicking the first two you have drawn earlier. sketch criss-crossed slanted lines on the rest of the cone.

The ice cream shown looks like strawberry, but you can make yours any flavor.

Next, draw the bottom portion of your ice cream scoop. The scoop’s base should have a ruffled appearance almost.

You could get some regular pencils at a grocery, drug or office supply store.

Be careful of paper cuts and always carry a pencil sharpener with the pencil in case of breakages!

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Now, we are ready to move on to the cone portion. Draw your cone like a narrow, upside down triangle.

Español: dibujar un cono de helado detallado, Русский: нарисовать мороженое в вафельном стаканчике, Italiano: Disegnare un Cono Gelato nei Particolari, Português: Desenhar uma Casquinha de Sorvete Detalhada

How To Draw Ice Cream