How To Draw Mickey Mouse

pencil drawings How To Draw Mickey Mouse

How To Draw Mickey Mouse

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Add the ears using two circles on each side. Draw a crossed line across the face to help you draw details later.

Step 1: To draw Mickey Mouse, start with a circle on the page that will be Mickey Mouse’s head. Draw the circle slightly below and to the left of the center of the page, and don’t make it too big because you need room for Mickey Mouse’s big round ears.

Use these instructions to draw the mouse shape in its entirety. Then, copy the wizard hat design onto his head. Erase all lines that don’t form part of the hat so that the mouse looks normal.

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Draw two small circles positioned on each side of the head for the ears.

Sketch a long curved line for the mouth, and another curve to make it look like Mickey is smiling. Draw the tongue using an M shape.

Draw a circle for the head. Add another small circle below and connect the two circles with a stretched curved line.

Sketch the face, he has oblong eyes and a rounded nose. Draw a slightly curved horizontal line below the eyes.

Draw details to his costume, two buttons on his shorts and his gloves.

Use the video and step-by-step drawing instructions below to learn how to draw Disney’s Mickey Mouse. A new cartoon drawing tutorial is uploaded every week, so stay tooned!

Intro: Start drawing Disney’s Mickey Mouse with a pencil sketch. In the beginning stages, don’t press down too hard. Use light, smooth strokes for sketching.

To draw Mickey Mouse, start by drawing a circle with 2 smaller circles on top of it for ears. Next, make the nose by drawing an oval just below the center of the big circle with a horizontal line curving downward right above it. Then, draw 2 ovals with a small circle at the bottom of each one on top of the curved line to make the eyes. After you draw the eyes, draw Mickey’s smile below his nose, using an “M” shape to make his tongue. Finally, draw the outline of Mickey’s face so that his cheeks are sticking out at the sides.

Draw the shape of Mickey’s face, the cheeks are slightly protruding.

Can I draw Mickey Mouse and change it a bit to make it Minnie Mouse?

Step 4: On top of Mickey’s snout, draw an oval that is roughly the same height as the snout and that slightly grazes the main circle on the right side. This will be Mickey Mouse’s nose.

Español: dibujar a Mickey Mouse, Deutsch: Micky Maus zeichnen, Italiano: Disegnare Topolino, Português: Desenhar o Mickey Mouse, Français: dessiner Mickey Mouse, Русский: нарисовать Микки Мауса, 中文: 画米奇, Nederlands: Mickey Mouse tekenen, Bahasa Indonesia: Menggambar Mickey Mouse

Draw the mouth. Sketch a long curved line across and a smaller curved line below to sketch a smile on Mickey’s face.

Step 2: Next draw two intersecting lines across the circle. When drawing the lines, bend them so that they follow the contour shape of a sphere. Draw the vertical line quite close to the left edge of the circle, and draw the horizontal one in the middle. These are construction lines that will help you place Mickey Mouse’s features later on.

Of course! My advice is to add eyelashes and a bow. Maybe add shoulders and color them pink, so it looks like she’s wearing a pink dress.

Draw a horizontal line, and a vertical one through the middle. This will help you to add the eyes and nose in the correct spots.

Sketch two small oblongs for the eyes on top of the curved line. Add small circles for the pupils.

Just practice with all of these methods, and you will get to draw it in art class.

Draw a horizontal oval in the middle (the nose)and draw a curved line over top of the oval (has to be a little longer than the oval on both sides). For the eyes, draw two long ovals and add dark circles for the pupils toward the bottom.

Step 5: Where the horizontal construction line ends on the right outer edge of the main circle, draw a smaller circle to make an ear. Higher up the on Mickey Mouse’s head, draw another circle of the same size. It’s important to get the right size for his ears, otherwise Mickey won’t look right. To get the correct ratio, think of his head as a quarter and his ears as two dimes.

This may be more difficult. My advice is to simply find a page about Donald Duck, instead of changing Mickey.

Walt Disney introduced Mickey Mouse over 90 years ago. Since that day, there have been many changes to his looks. The only thing, however that never changed was the various circles that created his head.

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Start off with basic circles, for example, one large one for the base of the head and two smaller ones for ears. If you are drawing the full body you should start off with basic shapes. Usually, when I draw I only start with shapes like ovals and squares to then move on to detailing.

Three Methods:Classic Mickey FaceMickey’s Full BodyAlternative Mickey FaceCommunity Q&A

Draw the nose using an oblong. Add a horizontal curved line on top of the nose.

Start with drawing a large circle, that will make up his face.

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Draw another curve under the oval with a curved line at each end (the smile) and add almost like a smile on the smile and then add the tongue.

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Step 3: Starting where the construction lines intersect, draw a small circle that extends to the outside of the main circle. Draw the center of this circle slightly below the horizontal construction line. This will be Mickey Mouse’s snout.

Draw lightly so you can erase your mistakes. Look at the picture, and use it as a guide for your sketch of Mickey Mouse. Use a lead pencil to draw the lines softly. Trace circular items such as the bottom of a cup so your circles can be perfect.

Practice drawing on a grid to get the placing correct. Try to experiment with different shapes and sizes. Use an “M” shape when doing the tongue.

Squint his eyes and make his mouth turned down into a frown. You could also add some tears.

How To Draw Mickey Mouse