How To Draw Realistic Cat

pencil drawings How To Draw Realistic Cat

How To Draw Realistic Cat

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Step 4
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Description now that you are done drawing a realistic cat add some shading in the areas you see here to add a touch of realism to your drawing

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Start with a circle for for the shape of cat’s face and add two circles for the body. Draw two vertical lines at the base for the cat’s front legs.

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The tutorial on how to draw a realistic cat is intended for kids with some experience in drawing. At first, draw the general outline of a cat sitting still, then focus on its head and feet. Finally, if your drawing looks pale, you might want to add color with crayons. It is not easy to draw Kittens and cats, but if you follow the step-by-step method using pencil, it is quite possible to get it right. Here’s a good lesson on drawing a realistic cat.

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Step 7. Start shading from top to bottom starting with the ears. I used an F pencil for the darker lines and an H for the lighter ones.

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Step 2. Start out with a basic sketch of the cat’s head. Refer to the orange and blue guidelines if you need them. Don’t get caught up in detail and keep your lines very light.

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Step 9. Now, bridge the gap between the ears and eyes. Pay attention to line direction when drawing the fur. Keep your lines short and confident.

According to the primary contours circle the body and head of the cat. Next, add three small ovals for the cat’s paws.

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Step 6. Lightly shade in the darker spots of the cat. Use a cloth or tissue to get your shading fairly smooth.

Step 11. Start finishing up the drawing by defining the torso and whiskers. It’s interesting how much of a difference adding a few whiskers can make to your drawing!

Step 4. Finish up defining the lines and sketching in the fur stripes. Make sure that your outline is nice and solid.

Draw the front legs. The cat’s legs should be the same in length and thickness. After drawing it, add an initial contour (small oval) for the cat’s face.

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Draw the cat’s face, as shown in the figure. Draw eyes, nose and cat’s mouth, using the outline drawn in the previous step. Don’t forget to draw the cat’s claws and whiskers. After that, you can proceed to the final step your drawing a Cat.

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Step 10. Shade in the rest of the face. Notice how I roughly erased whiskers around the outside of the mouth in preparation for the next step.

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Erase all unnecessary lines that you drew in the early stages. To finish the sketch, draw the cat’s face in detail. Draw the muzzle right – it is the most important part.

Hey everyone, here’s tutorial on how to draw a cat’s portrait. Get your pencils ready and have fun!

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Step 12. Finish up your shading and fix as many mistakes as you can catch. And there you have it! That’s how I draw my cat portraits. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. Let me know if you try it out!

Step 3. Once you have your sketch go in and define the features a bit more. I used an F pencil for this. I find it easier to start with the eyes and work my way outward.

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This way, the picture of a cat will be more lively and impressive. Realistic Cat drawing is now complete!

Step 5. Take a second to shade your background in a bit. This makes the foreground pop out a bit more.

Step 1. Here are the pencils that I used for this tutorial. HB was used for sketching and dark shading. I used F for dark lines and H for light lines.

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At this point, work on the cat’s fur. To do this, apply small rapid strokes of a pencil on our initial lines, as shown on my figure here. Now, your cat looks realistic, you only need to shade in your cat’s drawing. While I simply shaded in my drawing with #2 pencil, I recommend using colored pencils.

How To Draw Realistic Cat