How To Draw Water Bottle

pencil drawings How To Draw Water Bottle

How To Draw Water Bottle

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How to draw a water bottle
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How to draw a realistic water bottle

Lastly for the cap, draw the fine lines that are usually at the top of the cap. Now, we will be moving on to drawing the bottle itself.

You just have to write that it is mineral water on the label when you draw it.

There are many different bottle shapes you can choose from. If you need to, don’t hesitate to use a real bottle as reference. Be sure to have an eraser handy if you should make a mistake. Be creative. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your bottle drawing a little bit.

If you want, draw the label of your favorite water company.

Draw the upper half part of the bottle where the cap and the bottle meet.

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If I were to draw a bottle of Coke, would I have to do the label first?

Draw the base of the bottle cap. This the part that twists off from the bottle.

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At this point, you should have your basic bottle shape completed.

And that is all! Color in your bottle with the medium of your choice.

I’d suggest drawing the basic shape of the bottle first, then going to the label, cap, details, etc.

Drawing the mid section of the bottle cap. This how to is a somewhat detailed one.

Русский: нарисовать бутылку воды, Español: dibujar una botella de agua, Português: Desenhar uma Garrafa de Água

Draw the body of the bottle. These can come in many different shapes but for now, you may use the example image as your reference.

Add some detail. Draw your bottle in a way that it will appear to be see through.

Follow these steps, but add a label that says “Sprite” and make the bottle green-yellow with dots in it for bubbles.

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This article will show you how to draw a clear water bottle with a pencil and paper. This does not consist of very many steps and will be a very easy object to draw.

How To Draw Water Bottle