Manga Girl Anatomie

March 30, 2019 7:11 am by theundertown
Cute pose reference anime girl female
Drawn manga female anatomy 8
Manga Girl Anatomie

Step 10. Then we’ll go over and do the same for the guy, drawing in the shape of his face, jaw and neck.

Drawing anime people can be difficult but once you get the hang of it, it can actually be quite fun. I’ve compiled some tips and things you need to know so that you too can draw anime people. I’ll even guide you through drawing some yourself in this tutorial after I’ve gone through how anime anatomy works.

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Step 12. Now for the rest of their torsos. The girl’s back arches a bit, pushing her chest out forward a bit. The guy’c back doesn’t arch nearly as much and doesn’t have as much curve either.

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Step 14. From there we’ll move to the legs and hips. As I said earlier the girls will be thinner and the guys will be broader.

Step 6. Hands and feel are actually quite similar in makeup and have similarly named bones. The types of bones in feet are metatarsals and tarsals. The bones in the hands are metacarpals and carpals. The meta bones make up the bones of the ankles and heel in the foot and the bones of the wrist and palm in the hand. Girls hands are dainty, as are their feet. Their fingers are thin and their feet are narrow. Guys hands are broad with thick fingers. Their feet are also wide and a bit heavy.

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Step 22. And go back over to the girl and draw in the rest of her hair and her ear.

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Step 11. From their we will draw their shoulders and their chests. The guy’s shoulders will be broader than the girls. The girl’s chest will slope out a bit for her breasts and simple lines on each of them will show where the shoulder, chest and arm all join together.


Step 5. Similar rules go for the arms. Girls have thinner arms and guys have broader and more muscular arms.

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Step 16. The girls feet will be small and the guys will be broad and longer.


Step 2. Female heads tend to be rounder in anime, with big eyes and a little mouth. Male heads are normally longer with narrower eyes, strong jaws an a wider mouth.

Step 13. Arms are up next. The guy’s arms are long and hang by his sides. The girls arms aren’t nearly as long as his, one hand flared out a little bit.

Step 7. Now we’ll put those tips to good use. We’ll draw a base for a female body.

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Step 1. In anime anatomy, on average, guys are a full head taller than girls. Girls will be about 6 heads tall and guys will be about 7. When drawing anything relating to anatomy, height is measured in heads. A head is exactly what it sounds like. It is the measurement of the top of the head to the chin. Just because someone has more heads, doesn’t always mean they will be taller or larger though and it will differ from person to person. It all depends on the size of the head.

Step 4. Female hips are wide and don’t come up very high. Also female legs are thinner and leaner then male legs. Men’s hips come up higher and their legs are broader and more muscular.

Step 17. Now we’ll start adding in the other details now that the anatomy part of this is through. Let’s put them in a couple of tank tops so they’re not going around naked.

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Step 23. We’ll draw in her face; big eyes and a small mouth.

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Step 19. Let’s give the girl a cute curly haircut. We’re just going to draw the shape of the hair here.


Step 21. Since we’re already over here, we’ll draw in his ear and the rest of his details in his hair.

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Step 3. A girls ribcage is usually smaller and a bit narrower than a guy’s. A girls torso is also comes in more where the rib cage ends, creating the waist. The waist on guys isn’t nearly as prominent and their torsos generally just some straight down. Girls have breasts which are made up of fatty tissue and hang on the chest. Men generally have pecks which are firm and made of muscle.

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Step 9. We’re going to work from head to toe, just focusing on the anatomy, smaller details like faces and hair will come later. We’ll draw the shape of the girl’s face first as well as her neck.

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Step 20. We’ll also go ahead and outline the guy’s hair, giving him a choppy messy hair style.

Step 8. And then we’ll draw a taller base for a male body, much taller than the other one.

Step 25. And that is how you draw anime people. Try different things and don’t forget to share.


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