Pencil Nigerian Art Works

August 23, 2018 8:48 am by theundertown
Pencil portrait artist eguavoen imuetiyan the works of a self taught artist nigerian entertainment official
Yblnigeria on twitter nigerian geniuses see the works of nigerian artist richard who combines pencil
Pencil Nigerian Art Works

This Photographer Keeps Surprising The Internet With The Backstage Of His Photos

Stanley’s interest in art was sparked early in life by the paper that surrounded him at his family’s paper mill. First embarking on a career as an artist in 2012, he now takes his camera with him everywhere to shoot reference images for his work. From there, he intensely studies his subjects, pulling out the emotions in their facial features.

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Having completed his degree, his parents were not wholly convinced of his choice to pursue his art full time. “That’s “African Parents” for you,” he said with a laugh. “They were concerned about financial stability, and how the world will view you. We have so many road side artists in Lagos, so they were concerned I might be going towards that direction.”

Nigerian Artist Spends Up to 200 Hours Creating Hyperrealistic Pencil Portraits

Arinze Stanley can spend up to 200 hours completing his hyperrealistic pencil art portraits.

Celebrating creativity and promoting a positive culture by spotlighting the best sides of humanity—from the lighthearted and fun to the thought-provoking and enlightening.

“I deeply feel I’m transferring all my energy and emotions from my life form to paper through my pencils,” he shares. “The affinity to create, a true image and nature of God.”

Nigerian artist Arinze Stanley creates hyperrealistic pencil art that captures the spirit of his subjects. His incredible portraits, which can take up to 200 hours to complete, are nuanced artworks that tell as much about Stanley’s patience and dedication as they do about the sitter.

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Scroll down below to see Ken’s stunning works below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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“A close-up view of the artwork done with pencil on paper” Gnaw, 2016The Nylon SeriesSoldier, 2016Unleashed 1, 2015Witnesses, 2016ChairmanBatu, 2016If I start to Talk, 2015-2017Kilodé, 2015Mother, 2016Sani, 2016Leave it torn a Little Longer, 2015In the midst of Recession, 2015Osiso Ndu (Mama Africa), 2014On a SpaceshipDon GorgonTorn

As well as worrying the parents, another challenge for Ken to overcome was the Nigerian art world. “5 years ago when I started art, there was little or no attention given it,” he explained. “There was no room to connect or understand art except if you went to an “art school”. There was this stigmatisation on artists who didn’t study art. It was hard for a young artist like myself to evolve.” Thankfully, things are changing for the better now. “The art scene is growing. Now, I see young artists being inspired and trying to focus on their dreams. I can see opportunities springing up for even those who did not study art. So it’s a work in progress, and I’m thankful for that.”

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His dedication to his craft has quickly brought him to success and he can easily be included in a field of top photorealistic portrait artists. His Instagram is a virtual pencil art tutorial, as he gives a masterclass by continuously posting progress photos of his new work. Working on one area at a time, the figures emerge from the sheet of paper. Striking in and of themselves, progress shots are a fascinating look at the artist’s creative process.

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This Nigerian Artist’s Artworks Are So Realistic It’s Hard To Believe He Used Nothing More Than A Pencil

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Ken’s art is completely self-taught and he has faced many challenges to become a recognised artist. “I learnt the technique myself, Ken told Bored Panda. “I finished with a BSc in Civil Engineering. So I never went to an art school or had any formal education in art.”

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Now busy with exhibitions around Nigeria, Ken is looking forward to opening his first solo show, with the theme of African female-feminine power. Oh, and it seems that he has finally won over his parents, who have accepted his decision to pursue a life as an artist. “I’m very sure they are completely convinced now. There’s so much love now in what I do,” he told us. “They want to be part of it. Everyday they are bringing up suggestions for new paintings too, it’s so cute seeing parents do that.”

Ken aims to achieve a deeper meaning through his art, one which goes beyond the visually spectacular facade he presents into themes such as gender equality, African cultures, and black power. Outlining his vision, he told Bored Panda the stories behind his work. “My art’s course is to pursue freedom of expression and belief, and to promote the voices of those rather unheard,” he said. “I also want to explore subtle desire and privilege. In The Nylon Series, there are views of enthusiasts of the typical African culture and morals. Okotogbam touches on emotion and strength of character, while The King’s Diary presents the possibilities of African Feminism, as seen in female patriarchy.”

Ken Nwadiogbu, 23, is a visual artist from Lagos, Nigeria, who specialises in 3D hyper-realistic drawings done with pencil and paper, creating pictures and portraits so realistic that you have to look twice to make sure they aren’t photographs.

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