Pencil Sketch Boy

pencil drawings Pencil Sketch Boy

Pencil Sketch Boy

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Carlene Bowles Not rated yetI have about 1000 pictures of famous people,my mother drew them before she passed away, I believe they are worth a lot of money. How do I find out what …

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Drawing A Boy Not rated yetMy recent drawing is from a picture, I’m learning in how realistic the pencil drawing is, I think is mostly about shading.

The Big Catch Not rated yetThis is a drawing of my wife’s Grandpa. He lives in Florida. He caught this fish and grandma wanted me to do a drawing for him. I used 2h, h, hb, 2b, …

Free Drawings – Count On Me Song by Bruno Mars  I like the idea of drawing cute characters with lyrics. This is an amazing video clip made by someone out there. I just found it and wanted to share …

New works added to the 2016 pencil drawings section. A number of new works added to the 2015 pencil drawings section. 3.20.15- New pencil drawing added to the 2015 pencil drawings section. This is a charcoal drawing I did of the character Henry Hugglemonster.

(charcoal drawing, henry hugglemonster) 2.17.15- New pencil drawing added to the 2015 pencil drawings section. This is another charcoal drawing of my beautiful fiancé on toned paper. (charcoal drawing) 2.

1.15- New pencil drawing added to the 2015 pencil drawings section. This is my first ever charcoal portrait and I had a lot of fun with it. Portrait of my adorable son, Kasen. (charcoal sketch) 9.9.14- New pencil drawing added to the 2014 pencil drawings section.

On July 12th, my fiancé and I were blessed with a beautiful baby boy that we named Kasen. This is my first portrait drawing of him but there will be many more! (baby pencil drawing, Kasen Duey) 9.7.14- New pencil drawing added to the 2014 pencil drawings section.

This drawing was done for a customer in Arizona as a tribute portrait. (tribute portrait drawing) 8.21.14- New pencil drawing added to the 2014 pencil drawings section. This pencil portrait was commissioned by a customer in Budapest, Hungary.

(couple portrait drawing) 7.31.14- New pencil drawing added to the 2014 pencil drawings section. This pencil portrait was done for a customer in New York City. The customer wanted the drawing in a similar style to Robert Heindel.

(pencil sketch commission) 7.17.14- New pencil drawing added to the 2014 pencil drawings section. This pencil portrait was done for a customer in Newfoundland. White Prismacolor and graphite on toned board.

(pencil portrait sketch) 7.10.14- New pencil drawing added to the 2014 pencil drawings section. This is a tinted drawing I did for a customer in Texas. This drawing was done with graphite and white Prismacolor pencils on tinted paper.

(tinted drawing) 6.30.14- New pencil drawing added to the 2014 pencil drawings section. This is a drawing I did for a customer in Michigan. The man pictured is a business owner who recently passed away.

His son ordered this from me and it will be displayed in the company he started years ago. (toned drawing) 6.12.14- New pencil drawing added to the 2014 pencil drawings section. This is a drawing I did for a customer of their dog.

(realistic dog drawing)

Pencil Drawing of a Historical Famous Person Not rated yetI drew this in 2001 when I was attending Allentown Business School. Now known as Lehigh Valley College. But I cannot remember who the person is. I completed …

If you want to find out more on how beginners like you learn to draw pencil portraits quickly and easily, follow this link: Portrait drawing lesson.

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Magazine Model I work with many woman,the collection of magazine is enormous,in order for me not to pay attention to their conversation,I took a liking to the model and …

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Rena drawings Not rated yetJust my own drawings My reply: Hi Lorraine! Thanks for your contribution. Could you please give some remarks on all of your drawings? 4 stars anyway… …

I found great site on Drawing People taught by Nick Warren. Learn to draw men, women and children with step by step drawing lesson.

Hridoe Lover Art Not rated yet142523 My Reply : Thank you Hridoe for your love art submission. I am sure that you are in love with someone special right now and that is translated …

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Female Realistic Eye  My Reply: Thank you Savannah Leos for sharing your video on In this video she practices her shading in drawing a realistic …

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Hah..Hah…Hah… (Laughing). Maybe, people in the 18th century didn’t mind posing long hours.

Mia Rose Portrait Drawing Not rated yet This freehand portrait is a tribute to youtube singer Mia Rose. The video quality improves after the …

Female Drawing Not rated yetIt is a drawing of a female who is thinking of something. It is drawn by taking reference of a photograph.

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To draw people are easy once you have a 2D still life picture of people.

Drawing of a man – Just thinking! Not rated yetIt is about a man standing before God as a counsel of the land.

My favorite person  Rabindranath Tagore was a great poet and one of the world’s top poets… his poems and thoughts inspired me to draw his portrait. He was a good painter …

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Tattooed Ladies “Pop” art of two tattooed ladies. Drawing and colored pencil on Bristol. My Reply: Hi Crystal! Thank you for your post on “Tattooed Ladies”. Since …

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Portrait of my daughter n wife Not rated yetMy drawing is of my oldest daughter and wife.

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Pencil Sketch Boy