Pencil Sketch Drawings Download

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Download this wonderful batman pencil drawing and get printed to let your kids color it or replicate the same drawing themselves
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Pencil Sketch Drawings Download

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The smudge tool helps to blend the harsh pencil lines. Using a soft brush is recommendable which gives a much smoother finish to existing pencil drawing pictures. Another crucial point is to adjust the levels of the picture to give it the desired light, shadow and depth. Once the cleaning up bit is complete this is followed by the seemingly Sisyphean task of adding details like wrinkles, keen textures, cuts, bruises, scars, veins and other imperfections that would normally exist on your subject.

PhotoscapeAn amazing free photo editor with lots of extra tools

Sketch Effect PRO turns an ordinary photo or image into a freehand sketch, imitating pencil, pen, brush and other textures.

Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1 UpdateEssential update for Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1

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Pencil Sketch allows turning any photo or picture into a pencil sketch with adjustable colors, contour edges and strokes.

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Pencil Sketch is a fast and simple method of portraying all of your treasured photographs in new and exciting ways. The pen and pencil effects are exquisitely realistic. Switching between the numerous artistic styles backgrounds and effects is fun and a dramatic outlet for your photo creativity!

Pencil Sketch is also available in other platformsPencil Sketch for Android

Adobe Photoshop CCThe best image editor with video editing and advanced features

Pencil drawing pictures are the in thing in the world of digital art at the moment and scenarios state that the trend is here to stay a while. The easiest way to begin a pencil drawing is to completely trust your Photoshop software. One can simply start off with a pencil drawing on the Adobe Photoshop software and the Smudge tool. This is one of the most useful as well as important tools which opens up the land of opportunities for creating the most mesmerizing pencil drawing pictures.

PaintTool SAIThe drawing utility that’ll bring out your artistic side

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Once you’re ready to let Pencil Sketch do it’s magic you have the primary choice of rendering the drawing in classic black and white or opting for colour. The choices don’t stop there the user can also employ other writing instruments such as a ball point pen resulting in a completely different artistic style. The application has a number of preset styles too so switching between various styles and effects is a rather simple matter. Small touches such as a background of squared notepaper contributes to the overall authentic feel on offer.

Pencil Sketch is also compatible with: Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8.1 Windows XP

Pencil Sketch is an awesome little application that converts your favourite photos into beautifully rendered pencil drawings. Any of life’s memories captured in photograph can become a chic and artistic drawing within a matter of seconds. It’s simple to use and a fun creative way to present your favourite pictures.

Simple to useLots of different pens and pencilsChoice of various presetsRealistic effects

Adding the color to pencil drawing artworks is quite the easy bit with the help of the Color tools in Photoshop and the palette. To enhance the effect of the pencil drawing pictures one must never forget to add layers of multiple colors that might make up the color composition of the subject. The right amount of erasing and highlighting will bring about the desired effects while creating digital pencil sketches on Adobe Photoshop and likely editing software programs.

May become tiresome when all presets have been experiencedVery dark pictures may not convert realistically

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