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Some motivational pencil sketches
What according to you are some great pencil sketches quora
Pencil Sketches Quora

Take a look at the two wonderful low-cost courses that I discovered from right here:

Hopefully you discovered a little bit about how to hold a pencil within the video above. Now you have to discover how to manage your pencil to make the marks you need. An enormous level of an artist’s time is consumed by discovering and drawing values. Values would be the “tones” that make up our visual world. Values are what enables us to view and distinguish objects about us and in our drawings.

EDIT 1Seems many of you have already recognized my name (from the watermarks :P). The reason behind going anonymous is that I wanted to share my approach to help and encourage potential artists who are keen to develop the technique. I didn’t want to draw attention towards me, rather prefer my works to be my identity.        Anyways, now that most of you have recognized me so  I thought I should give a proper introductionMy name is Pragyan Kranti , an architect by profession and artist by passion. I’ve been sketching for last two years. (From March 24th, 2013. to be specific). I never attended any kind of formal art training. It’s not an inherent talent. I achieved this by lots of practice and patience.  Now coming to the question how did I start sketching?I was always fascinated by diverse facial expressions and how they reflect countless emotions. So I particularly focused on portrait sketching. The idea of sketching somehow came into my mind while I was preparing for my mid-term exams (probably because your mind subconsciously gives you hints about your hidden potential while you are under pressure). So I started scribbling on a rough page of paper with my pen. Somehow it gave me tremendous relaxation and mental relief from the immense stress built up through all those formulas and numeric problems. And that was it. I never stopped sketching till date. I started searching about sketching techniques from various sources on the internet. I watched a lot of YouTube videos. There are countless blogs and sources which gives you basic techniques of developing the skills. But there is no such a rule or formula that stated how you should proceed. At the end of the day you have to develop your own technique inspired by the techniques that others use. From my experience I can tell one thing, practice is the Key, you don’t have to born with some extraordinary talent to master this art.Following are some useful tutorial for beginner, Drawing Tutorials – How to Draw Step by Step – Free LessonsI Want to Draw: Simple Exercises for Complete Beginners – Tuts+ Design & Illustration ArticleBasic Sketching Techniques for BeginnersArt education learn to sketch draw paintFree Online Drawing Lessons There are plenty out there. You can just google it. If you are interested in my works, I have a FB page called “carbon-cast”, where I regularly put my works. You can pay a visit there. If you have any questions regarding sketching I would be more than happy to address those to the best of my ability.

So easy. Buy a sketchbook with 100% rag content (so the pages will never turn yellow and brittle). Buy ANY assortment of pencils (graded HB through 8B), pastels, colored pencils or charcoals. A fatty green, pink or white eraser.

Or several. Okay. Now that you have the tools – GO OUTSIDE. Look at anything/anyone interesting, sit down, and try and capture it on paper. Don’t take too long about it if you’re getting frustrated. Only spend time when you WANT to spend time.

Let your eye travel over the contours of your subject, and move your hand/drag the pencil or crayon accordingly. Try some quickies, 5 minutes or less. Try some longer work. Vary the pencil grades. Mix pencils and pastels.

Rub with your fingers. Grab a leaf and use it to smudge. Draw a tree. A bus. A building. A person. A dog. FILL  that book. Fill another one. Don’t give up. You will see yourself improve.

Step 1: Turn off your computer.Step 2: Grab some pencils and paper and start drawing objects around you.Seriously, practice, practice, practice. Some exercises that you might find useful are contour drawing (drawing the edges of an object without lifting your pencil, shoes work well for this), drawing an object upside down, and just sketching what you see – chairs have interesting forms, so do trees, flowers and cityscapes.

There’s so much to draw! Don’t feel any pressure to show anyone your work because at first it won’t live up to your expectations, but keep going and push through that icky initial phase and soon you will find your flow.

Most of all, have fun.

At last I would like to showcase few of my works just to give you an idea how much one can improve within two years starting from zero knowledge in the field.

Listed here are some suggestions that I can share with you as a newbie:

Right after reading the final section about kids practicing long hours to get excellent at drawing you might be feeling hopeless. Don’t. I feel it’s widespread expertise that getting a head start off in something puts you at an benefit, but do not despair.

remember everybody is an artist, just because they never tried it doesn’t mean they don’t have the potential. GOOD LUCK.

“I don’t have any artistic talent”is the typical complaint. I actually believe anyone can understand to draw. I couldn’t get in touch with myself a drawing instructor if I didn’t think this, could I?

En français : Comment puis-je apprendre à dessiner au crayon sans aucune classe ?

That’s exactly where instruction could make each of the distinction. A great art teacher can help you make connections amongst the physical globe and your drawn planet on paper.

I used to have a lot of friends around me always. Before two years; I never found myself some lonely time and thus I never knew that I have some inner talents within me. I have started feeling isolated when I got into a job at a distant place from home.

Loneliness somehow started becoming my friend and eventually I had to keep myself busy in some way or another to overcome the depression of being alone. I used to scribble down cartoons when I get a piece of paper and a pen and I never took it seriously.

I realized that this was the time that I will have to be bit more serious about drawing. I bought a drawing book and a packet of color pencils. At the beginning, the results were very immature and I thought I will never be able to produce a good piece of drawing.

  One fine evening, I thought I should stop drawing If would not be able to draw well on that day. I started drawing keenly; giving more concentration on every detail, completed parts by parts of the caricature and it took about 5 hours for me to complete the drawing.

It was my first drawing I have shared with my friends with pride. The contentment that I got on that day encouraged me to draw further. When comparing with others still my drawings are far away professionalism, but I do have the courage to post a few of my drawings down here.

I’m proud that I have learnt this skill myself, I have not spent more than an hour to complete any of the below drawings and I have not spent more than 100 rupees to buy drawing accessories. I just started two years before and I will keep drawing and I believe I will improve.


Don’t start out with expensive paper and pencils. simple printer paper and a #2 pencil (I actually prefer mechanical pencils since they keep a point better) work fine for practice. you can go out and by your Medium weight paper, and your H6 through B8 pencils once you’ve mastered the basics.

Start with simple exercises, the one I was taught by my aunt who was a professional artist was to pic a object and without lifting your pencil or looking at the page try and draw it’s outline. The first couple dozen times you do this the results will probably be terrible, but you’ll get better with time.

This helps train your brain’s spacial memory so that when you move on to other things your not constantly shifting your attention between your subject and your page. Then when you get that down move on to rough sketches of things around you- a glass of water, your hand, a ball.

Still life may not seem exciting but it’s easier to do starting out than a person or animal. then try more complex things- hands are a great place to start. try drawing your hand in different positions until your satisfied with the results and then do what other people said- go outside and start picking subjects.

When your drawing people and animals get as much of the rough work done first as possible- the body, general features and such, and make notions of where features go. unless you have someone willing to pose for you your going to have to fill in details later from memory.

I also recommend spending a lot of time on YouTube searching “How to draw _____” you’ll find thousands of hours of tutorial videos ranging from beginner to expert level.

I could watch them and practice in my totally free time, I could do it wherever I liked by way of my laptop or Ipad, and it was so simple to grasp, that after 3 weeks I was drawing really effectively. And soon after 2 months I was drawing virtually professionally! You ought to check them out right here:

Specifically to STARTING: Take the pencil and move it on a piece of paper. Use coarse paper (not smooth). Makes lines. MAKE A LOT OF LINES. Keep making different kind of lines. soft lines, curved lines, straight lines, SPECIALLY tapered lines.

Then move to HATCHING. One of the most important thing for sketching. Then focus on CONTOUR DRAWING. Search online for the underlined terms to get more understanding. HEY! where is the PENCIL!!?? Keep using the pencil.

You see, most of the issues individuals have with studying to draw extend from their lack of understanding and knowledge with various topic matter.

Apart from extreme physical handicaps, all of us have just about precisely the same physical capabilities when it comes to art producing. We’re not speaking about playing a professional sport right here. We can all hold a pencil and move it effectively with some correct guidance. You’ve got all of the same muscle tissues and bones that Leonardo DaVinci had.

I wanted to understand the best way to draw for a lot of years, but didn’t possess the confidence in carrying out it… I was worried in regards to the outcoming final results, about how will other people accept my drawings and so on.

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1. observe: this is the most important part. try to segregate the whole reference image in a range of different shades. analyse the light effect and intensity of shadows.2. reference selection: this is the toughest part for me. chose only those images/ or subjects that you really really like.otherwise you won’t be able to give your complete dedication to draw it at the first place. you will start losing interest midways.3.time: give excessive time. remember “no masterpiece can be made overnight”. 4. never be satisfied: never be fulfilled by your work. perfection is an eternal process. there will be always scope of improvement.

You are able to learn to draw. You just must start now. Not later! Envision how skilled you’d be one particular year from now should you committed to practicing drawing 1 hour every day, every day?. You’d be 365 hours far better! Now imagine you practiced 2 hours every day for two straight years. You see? You just must commit oneself to studying and stick to it. It is incredible what someone can achieve when you are willing to develop 1% per day!

After a lot of years I looked for a drawing course but couldn’t uncover one particular to match my schedule, either it was a negative time for me, or it was far from my property and so on. Until a good buddy sent me hyperlinks to two wondeful and really cheap on-line courses, and I was caught correct away, I loved what I saw!

edit: here is my latest sketch. Walter white from breaking bad.

There is nothing easier than sketching. I am telling you from my personal experience. Two years from now I knew nothing about pencil sketching, but now I can convince myself that I have achieved a great deal of improvement in sketching.I never perused  any formal education on art/ sketching. I am a self taught non professional artist. few points that i would like to recommend you to start with Here I take the freedom of assuming you as a beginner, so before getting into the action you should watch some related videos or read some blogs.That helps a lot.Get some ordinary art material at first, like a sketch book, simple pencil of all grades, normal eraser  and all. There are few things that you should have.1. strong inspiration: every artist has their own inspiration. its what makes you believe that you can also be a good artist.2. motivation: without motivation you can’t exploit your potential to the fullest.3.dedication: you should literally forget about sleep, hunger , time etc. while you are working on your focusing to your question, following are some points you should start with,

To understand how you can draw well one particular need to realize the physical globe 1st.

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