Pencil Sketches With Themes

August 14, 2018 8:41 am by theundertown
Pencil sketch wordpress theme
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Pencil Sketches With Themes

20 Themes Challenge: Epic Tales Of Fun1. Circle Around2. Parking Lot3. Strawberry Blonde4. Security Pass5. Arching Up6. Careful Thought7. New Direction8. Late Morning9. Master Bedroom10. Dead On Arrival11.

On The Internet12. Try Your Best13. Easy Steps14. Stupid Tourists15. Grim Line16. Wrong Century17. Sharp Tug19. New Tournament20. Popular Demand

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20 Themes Challenge: Poetry and Songs1. Target2. Outside3. Ghetto4. Spiral5. Naive6. Fascinated7. Certainty8. Dense9. Logic10. Help11. Alone12. Knowledge13. Evidence14. Omen15. Awareness16. Blessing17. Passive18. Fantasy19. Surreal20. Vision

20 Themes Challenge: Darkness and Gangstas1. International Playboy2. Wipe Yourself Down3. Always Comes First4. Cough Up Blood5. Honeymoon Murders6. Crime Pays7. Woman Of The World8. Ain’t My Fault9. Glittering Diamonds10.

Catch A Killer11. Protection Money12. It’s Dealt With13. Tommy Gun14. Glamour Is Fear15. Dirty Cash16. Interfering Bitch17. Hole In The Head18. Still In Tears19. Big Cars20. Admire The Scene

100 disney theme challenge100 disney song pic challenge1. Candle on the water – Pete’s dragon2. Out of Thin air – Aladdin and the 40 thieves3. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride – Lilo and stitch4. The Bare Necessities – Jungle book5.

He’s a tramp – Lady and the Tramp6. Prince ali – Aladdin7. Under the sea- The little mermaid8. I won’t say I’m in love – Hercules9. Reflection – Mulan10. Hakuna matata – Lion king11. Why Should I worry -Oliver and Company12.

The Siamese Cat song- Lady and The Tramp13. Somebody’s waiting for you – The Rescuers14. I wouldn’t have Nothing If I didn’t have you –  Monsters inc15. Hellfire – Hunchback of notre dame16. When you wish upon a star – Pinocchio17.

One step ahead – Aladdin18. When I see an elephant fly – Dumbo  19. You’ll be in my heart – Tarzan20. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? – Three little pigs21. Almost there – Princess and the frog22.

I’ve got no Strings – Pinocchio23. Love – Robin Hood24. Gaston – Beauty and the beast25. Be Prep

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Difficult 50 Word Challenge1. Psychosocial2. Psychomotor3. Anesthetized4. Multicausal5. Reciprocity6. Mannequin7. Neurological8. Corrugated9. Delirium10. Reanimation11. Supplanted12. Hormone13. Pigment14.

Degenerative15. Interpersonal16. Deficiency17. Ethnographies18. Ventilation19. Endurance20. Stimulant Disturbances21. Division22. Fertile23. Maladaptive24. Medial25. Physiological26. Awarded27. Atmosphere28.

Attribute29. Insulate30. Regulate31. Derby32. Transhumance33. Aridity34. Drought35. Subsistence36. Migration37. Concentrated38. Biproduct39. Domesticates40. Mechanized41. Post-harvest42. Slaughter43. Reconstruct44.

Aggregation45. Profound46. Stuporous47. Socioeconomic48. Infrastructure49. Deration50. Industries

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64 Roommates Theme Challenge01. Underground02. Dreams03. Ocean04. Forest05. Blood06. Opera07. Bridge08. Forever09. Rabbit10. Sparkle11. Backstage12. Supernatural13. Mask14. Doppelganger15. Song16. Gold17.

Obsession18. Insane19. Bakery20. Party21. Date Night22. Owl23. Elemental24. Moonlight25. Swordfight26. Scars27. Eyes28. Oz29. Vampire30. Police31. Royalty32. Christmas33. Halloween34. Movie Night35. Valentine’s Day36.

Midsummer Night37. Angel38. Devil39. Ghost40. Kiss41. Rooftop42. Knight43. Love44. Barber Shop45. Mother46. Snow47. Villain48. Hero49. Spell50. Green51. Wings52. Revolution53. Captain54. Pirate55. Costume56.

Words57. France58. Second Chance59. Tears60. Risk61. Slap62. Darkness63. Light64. Hope

My 100 theme challenge100 THEME CHALLENGE0- Introduction1- Love2- Light3- Darkness4- Heaven5- Breathless6- Memories7- Smile8- Silence9- Vacation10- Tears11- Sorrow12- Happiness13- Rain14- Shooting stars15- Hold my hand16- Precious treasure17- Dying18-Two roads19- Childhood20- Secret21- Waiting22- Sacrifice23- Magic24- Hero25- I can’t26- Mirror27- Broken pieces28- Can you hear me?29-Hurt30- Through everything31- Give up32- Last hope33- Away34- Gone35- Wedding36- Heart37- Mask38- Chains39- Fears40- Wings41- Unseen42- My Prince43-Fading44- Ice cream45- Freedom46- Lies47- Clone48- Fate49- Run50- Friend(s)51- Pray52- Courage53- Falling54- Ocean55- Wind56- Another you57- Roses58- I believe59- Fireworks60- First love61- Miracle62- If I had you63- Never again64- Incomplete65- I will remember you66- Together67- Leaving68- Melody69-   Immortal70- Take me71- Not what you see72- S

MY REALLY REALLY GOOD 100 THEMES DRAWING CHALLENGE1. Say Hello! Early Morning3. Dazzle4. Crusade5. Space6. Abyssopelagic (Deep Ocean)7. Fairy’s Garden8.

Teeth9. Ennui10. Super Powers11. Touching12. Monster Parade13. Merry Go Round14. Microchip15. Party16. Euphoria17. Snacks18. Buttons19. Bears Dream Land21.

Routine22. Muse23. Glasses24. Miniature25. Gargoyle26. Maid27. Cappuccino28. Cartridges29. Panic30. Cardboard Box31. Carbonation32. Panties33. Ferris Wheel34. Royal Palace35. Zippers36. Glutton http://gabber-princess. Iridescence38. Fluffy39. Circus40. Lazy41. Laboratory42. Toys43. Geometry44. Donuts45. Television46. Recycle Bin47. Smile48. Laundry49. Band-aids50. Calico51. Jiggle52.

Contort53. Communication54. Eclipse55. Ruffles56. Swag Balloons58. Po

1. Say Hello! Early Morning3. Dazzle4. Crusade5. Space6. Abyssopelagic (Deep Ocean)7. Fairy’s Garden8. Teeth9. Ennui10. Super Powers11. Touching12. Monster Parade13. Merry Go Round14. Microchip15.

Party16. Euphoria17. Snacks18. Buttons19. Bears Dream Land21. Routine22. Muse23. Glasses24. Miniature25. Gargoyle26. Maid27. Cappuccino28. Cartridges 29. Panic30. Cardboard Box31. Carbonation32.

Panties33. Ferris Wheel34. Royal Palace35. Zippers36. Glutton…37. Iridescence38. Fluffy 39. Circus40. Lazy41. Laboratory42. Toys43. Geometry44. Donuts45. Television46.

Recycle Bin47. Smile48. Laundry49. Band-aids50. Calico51. Jiggle52. Contort53. Communication54. Eclipse55. Ruffles56. Swag…57. Balloons58. Power Tools59. Cubes60. Metropolis61.

Select a Character!…62. Assorted63. Tea 64. Fireworks65. Air66. Pocket67. Clover68. Keyboard69. Roller-skates70. Temptation71. Adventure72. Soggy73. Requiem74. Alert75.

Business76. Zoo77. Underground78. Soft79. Aggravation80. Supernova81. Library82. Bath83. Aesthetic84. Café85. Hiccup86. Hospital87. Colossal88. Mutate89. Myth90. Intimidate91. Balance92. Airship93. Stranded94.

Prank95. Chill96. Disk Jockey97. Summer98. Alliance99. Cotton Candy 100. Mission Complete!Feel free to use I WILL TRY AND COMPLETE ONE ONCE A WEEK

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100 Theme Challege100 Theme challenge!1. Family2. Names3. Journey4. Pride5. Wrath6. Sloth7. Envy8. Greed9. Gluttony10. Lust11. Moon12. Joy13. Beauty and the Beast14. Please don’t hurt me15. Magic16. Angels17.

Fear18. Rape19. Police20. Water21. Fire22. Earth23. Air24. Spirit25. Once upon a time…26. Death27. Cuddle28. Emo29. Don’t leave me30. Ugly31. Beautiful32. Fears33. Sanctuary34. Stardust35. U mad, bro?36.

Fall37. Tears38. Blood39. Werewolves40. Vampires41. Elegant42. Our time is now43. Sunrise/Sunset44. Burn45. Shadows46. Sun47. Wings48. Return49. Insanity50. Fever51. Scars52. Confession53. Cat54. Memory55.

Candle56. Storm57. Pirate58. Time59. First60. Dolls61. Music62. Drown63. Acceptance64. Drink65. Fireworks66. Organs67. Sorry68. Heaven/Hell69. Villain70. Party71. Please72. Mr. Mom73. Home74. Succubus75.

Religion76. Drug77. End78. Hollow

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100 theme challenge1. Introduction2. Night3. Day4. Amusing5. Memory6. Misfortune7. Smile8. Dreams9. Time10. Hold11. Red12. Still13. Love14. Dance15. Sleep16. Reflection17. Sorrow18. Cruel19. Kind20. Betrayed21.

Scary22. Flower23. Hatred24. Solace25. Truth26. Hope27. Doubt28. Disappointment29. Surprise30. Cute31. Rain32. Passion33. Home34. Broken35. Frail36. Unbearable37. Blood38. Signs39. Danger40. Beautiful41.

Possessions42. Kiss43. Pain44. Difficult45. Summer46. Blush47. Water48. Stars49. Grass50. Colorful51. Unfair52. Authority53. Superior54. Defeat55. Victory56. Warm57. Cold58. Confused59. Nightmare60. Envy61.

Protected62. Wings63. Temptation64. Longing65. Reality66. Swoon67. Sweet68. Snow69. Disgust70. Rage71. Greif72. Lust73. Fear74. Friend75. Second76. Stuck77. Gossip78. Fallout79. Regret80. Amends81. Nature82.

Camping83. Attractive84. Cheater85. Fruit86. Small87. Pathetic88. Gross89. Hungry90. Mine91. Yours

Not Quite 100 ThemesNot Quite 100 Random Challenges1. Waterfall2. Desert3. Rainforest4. Nightfall5. Cage6. Haunted7. Purity8. City9. School10. Bomb11. Static12. Hybrid13. Scars14. Bells15. Memories16. Grotesque17.

Ragged18. Stuffed19. Noose20. Drugs21. Acid22. Riot23. Thug24. Caffeine25. Macaroni and Cheese

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100 themes challenge100 themes1 introduction2 love3 peace4 sunshine5 spring6 stardust7 hope8 hate9 why?10 time11 happiness12 sunset13 light14 dark15 fall16 music17 heart18 key19 past20 future21 gift22 maybe23 imagination24 blue25 double26 dream27 beauty28 inspire29 trouble30 coffee31 note32 friendship33 memories34 map35 life36 water37 night38 secret39 ink40 comfort41 life42 dance43 rain44 play45 envy46 siblings47 claustrophobic48 don’t forget49 wings50 skating51 winter52 summer53 swim54 hidden55 great56 circus57 wish58 run59 scarf60 magic61 help62 bird63 yellow64 stranger65 photographs66 lost67 simplicity68 clear69 color70 grey71 disgusted72 poison73 everything74 queen75 swing76 disney77 stripes78 bells79 glare80 laughing81 sad82 plan83 silver84 flowers85 ocean86 backpack87 away88 doll89 brick90 pathways91 shadows92 tower93 marshmallows94 change95 cold96 snowfall97 home98 grin99 moon100 daw

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20 Themes Challenge: Story Tellers1. Floating Life2. Nightmare Train3. Will Of The Heart4. Requiem5. Sequoia6. Dancing Mad7. All Over Me8. What’s So Different?9. Sun In The Night10. Blow Away11. Swamped12.

We Need A Resolution13. Tomorrow Comes Today14. Hit The Floor15. Pieces16. I Can Be17. New York Minute18. Lost In Your Words19. And Love Said No20. Before I’m Dead

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100 Theme ChallengeThe 100 Theme ChallengeDerived from “In the Storm” by Josh Arnett (me)1. Case2. Daddy’s girl3. Lunchtime4. Fight5. Hallway6. New kid7. Kitten8. Heaven9. Hospital10. Overload11. Wreckage12.

Luck13. Memories14. Day Two15. Basketball16. Reconcile17. Doodle18. Questioning19. Bloodlust20. Panic21. Visitors22. Lake23. Winter24. Campout25. Storm26. Stalker27. Static28. Creeper29. Rescue30. Midnight31.

Guest32. Welcome33. Insanity34. Compromise35. Enigma36. Flowers37. Night38. Dig39. Stars40. Unlocked41. Talk to Me42. Madness43. Dreams44. Challenge45. Game46. Game point47. Last Breath48. Behind a Dam49.

Reunion50. Family51. Clarity52. Calling for Help53. Discord54. Planning55. Persuasion56. Secret57. Tower58. Message59. Brick60. Pit61. One Step Closer62. Escape63. Cruel and Unusual64. Busted65. Sacrifice66.

Let’s Make a Date67. All Dressed Up68. Some Enchanted Evening69. Traps70. Hero71. Comfort in Uncerta

100 writing prompts                                                           100 Writing Prompts1. Sunset2. Gold3. Nature4. Robots5. Manga6. Rainbow7.

Tatoo8. Necklace9. Lion10. Angel11. Demon12. Car13. Tree14. Book15. Running16. Exception17. Map18. Percentage19. Love20. Dancing21. Animal22. Neon23. Flower24. Moonlight25. Zodiac26. Balance27. Criminal28.

Text29. Dent30. Color31. Life32. Recharge33. Sun34. Numbers35. Eye36. Heart37. Entertainment38. School39. Search40. Friends41. Collect42. Hot43. Art44. File45. Witch46. Magic47. Planets48. Gods49. Ancient50.

Video51. Title52. Games53. Dawn54. Blanket55. Cold56. Pen57. Stone58. Fire59. Sticks60. Time61. C

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.:Fairytale+Fantasy 100 Hundred Theme Challenge:.Fantasy/ Fairytale 100 Theme challenge1.Little Red Riding Hood2.Perseus3.The Twelve Dancing Princesses4.Puss In Boots5.Hamlet6. Hanzel and Gretel7. The Hobbit8.

Petruchka9.The Hunchback of Notre Dame10. The Valiant Tailor11.Bluebeard12. A Midsummer night’s dream13. Aladdin14.Peter and the Wolf15.Emperor’s New Clothes16.The Tempest17.Momotaro the peach boy18. Icarus19.

King Midas20.The Voyages Of Sinbad21.The Sword in The Stone22.The Sheperdess and The Chimney Sweep23.Odyssey24. The Firebird and Prince Ivan.25. Lancelot and Guinivere26.Orpheus and Eurydice27.Tam Lin and Janet28.

Rapunzel29.The Red Shoes30.The starchild31.The Steadfast Tin Soldier32.The Happy Prince33.Cinderella34. Ali baba and the forty theives35.Les Sylphides36. Indunn’s Apples37.The light princess38.Swan Lake39.

Mother Goose40.Mulan41.Tanabata42. Sir Orfeo43. Sleeping Beauty44. The fisherman and his wife45.The Frog Prince46.Snow White And Rose Red47.The Frog Princess48.Lord

100 Theme Challenge -mine-1. Smarter2. Stronger3. Faster4. Braver5. Prettier6. Cuter7. Happier8. Hiding9. Singing10. Performing (Instrument)11. Dancing12. Acting13. Falling14. Fighting15. Flying16. Winning17.

Losing18. Super Hero19. Super Villain20. Ninja21. Psychic22. Spy23. Royalty24. Fan boy/girl25. Cat26. Monster27. Wolf28. Bird29. Dragon30. Letting Go31. Holding On32. Nightmare33. Dream34. Torture35. Death36.

Lace27. End of the World28. Pervert39. Good40. Evil41. Misfortune42. Agony43. Rot44. Jewelry45. Lie46. Chaos47. Tears48. Smile49. Frown50. Blank51. Pool52. School53. Work54. Cemetery55. Forest56. Cliff57.

Hospital58. Bedroom59. Bathroom60. Restaurant/ Dining Room/ Bar61. Console/ Computer62. Fire63. Water64. Earth65. Air66. Darkness67. Light68. Electricity/ Energy69. Rain70. Snow71. Sun72. Rainbow73. Summer74.

Autumn75. Winter76. Spring7 DEADLY SINS77. Lust78. Envy79. Vanity80. Sloth81. Gluttony82. Greed83. Wrath7 HEAV

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My 100 Theme Challenge1. Hero2. Proposition3. Fantasy4. Lock and Key5. Heart6. Poison7. Burn8. Panties9. Sacrifice10. Busted11. Reflection12. Addicted13. Haunted14. Mask15. Stalker16. Web17. Storm18. I.

cant.19. Mislead20. Memory21. No way out22. The old days23. Emotional24. Come ON!25. Chains26. Action27. Need28. After A Battle29. Gone30. Original Character31. Realistic32. Moonlight33. Holiday34. FUCK35.

Do not disturb36. Midnight37. Weapon38. Sick39. Transformation40. Fear41. Under Water42. Future43. Fire44. Wings45. And?46. During A Battle47. Text48. Progress49. Upside Down50. Unseen51. In the rain52.

Princess53. Confrontation54. Keeping a secret55. Quote56. Sharp57. Fading58. No Color59. Censored60. River61. Message62. Tattoo63. Dirty64. Dinner for two65. What If….66. Past67. Lace68. Envy69. Study70.

End of the World71. Cheat72. House on the hill73. Thank you74. Tool75. Death76. Give77. Bird78. Fun79. Honor80. Jewelry81. A


60 Word Challenge1. Collapse2. Browse3. Institution4. Database5. Society6. The cost7. Isolated8. Severest9. Dice10. Syndrome11. Sensory12. Hallucination13. Schedule14. Genesis15. 4616. Beneficial17. Markedly18.

Auditory19. Extensively20. Compelled21. Infiltrated22. Not_____23. Stage24. Cells25. Polar26. Spread27. Absorption28. Intervention29. Fatal30. Clot31. Production32. Brain33. Blind34. Pressure35. Maturation36.

Trade-off37. Impact38. Fever39. Tolerance40. Predicted41. Dependence42. Anxiety43. Case44. Radiate45. Reduction46. Euphoria47. Designer48. Lecture49. Infant50. Construct51. Stressor52. Layer53. Bare54.

Toxic55. Domestic56. Sheepish57. Arrow58. Coma59. Stroke60. Impairment

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