Photoshop Sketch Photo

November 11, 2018 7:53 am by theundertown
Adobe photoshop painting vs adobe photoshop sketch drawing
How to create a realistic pencil sketch effect in photoshop
Photoshop Sketch Photo

This opens the Minimum filter dialog box. Leave the Radius value at the bottom of the dialog box set to 1 pixel, then click OK to close out of it:

Change the blend mode of Layer 2 from Normal to Multiply. This will darken the lines in the sketch. If you find the sketch is now too dark, lower the layer’s Opacity value, which you’ll find to the right of the blend mode option. Keep an eye on the image in the document window as you lower the opacity to fine-tune the results. I’ll lower mine down to 65%:

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Inverting a black and white image creates a “photo negative” effect.

Let’s add color to the sketch using the colors from the original image, which is sitting safely on the Background layer. First, click on the Background layer in the Layers panel to select it:

Here’s how it will look after being converted to a color sketch:

Also try running a gradient through a new blank layer at the top and change that to color blend mode.

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The basics of how layer masks work in Photoshop. How to use layer masks for non destructive blending of layers…

Here, after colorizing the sketch, is my final result. I’ve cropped away some of the empty background with the Crop Tool:

Here’s the photo I’ll be starting with, which comes to us from the Fotolia image library:

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In this tutorial, we’ll learn a slightly different way to convert a photo to a sketch that’s usually better suited for these other types of images since it often does an amazing job of bringing out fine details.

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Change to Linear Dodge blend mode and you should see a perfectly white image (Use Color Dodge for sharper edges)

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Let’s begin as we usually do with photo effects by making a copy of our original image. This way, all of the changes we make will be made to the copy, leaving the original photo unharmed. If we look in the Layers panel, we see our image sitting all by itself on the Background layer, which is currently the only layer in the document:

Change the blend mode to Color and lower the opacity if needed.

In this first example, I added a solid color Fill adjustment layer. Change the blend mode to color, so only the color shows through. Adjust the opacity to suit your tastes.

How To Create A Detailed Sketch EffectStep 1: Duplicate The Background Layer

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Up to this point, the steps have been the same as in the previous tutorial where we turned a portrait into a sketch. In that tutorial, we used Photoshop’s Gaussian Blur filter to create the sketch effect by blurring the layer. This time, we want more detail in the sketch than what the Gaussian Blur filter would give us, so we’ll use a different filter. Go up to the Filter menu at the top of the screen, choose Other, then choose Minimum:

With the Background layer selected, make a copy of it by going up to the Layer menu, choosing New, then choosing Layer via Copy, or by pressing Ctrl+J (Win) / Command+J (Mac) on your keyboard. Photoshop duplicates the layer, names the copy “Background copy” and places it directly above the original Background layer:

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The photo is instantly converted into a sketch with lots of fine detail, much more than what we could have achieved with the Gaussian Blur filter:

The Desaturate command quickly removes all color from the image, leaving it in black and white:

This will merge all of the existing layers onto a brand new layer, “Layer 2”, above them:

Step 8: Change The Blend Mode To Multiply And Adjust The Layer Opacity

As promised at the beginning of the tutorial, here’s how to create this same photo to sketch effect in 60 seconds or less, using keyboard shortcuts for most of the work! Before you begin, make sure the Move Tool is selected at the top of the Tools panel, otherwise some of the keyboard shortcuts won’t work.

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Change the blend mode of the inverted layer from Normal (the default setting) to Color Dodge. You’ll find the blend mode option in the top left of the Layers panel:

Go up to the Layer menu in the Menu Bar along the top of the screen, choose New, then choose Layer via Copy. Or, for a faster way to run the same command, press Ctrl+J (Win) / Command+J (Mac) on your keyboard:

Go up to the Image menu, choose Adjustments, then choose Invert:

Either way makes a copy of the layer. Photoshop automatically names the copy “Layer 1” and places is above the Background layer in the Layers panel:

Turn a photo into a pencil sketch in Photoshop tutorialColin Smith

If you’ve already read through the previous Portrait To Sketch tutorial, you’ll find that most of the steps here are the same. It’s really just one change in one of the steps that makes all the difference. So as an added bonus for those already familiar with the previous tutorial, at the end of this one, we’ll learn how to create the entire sketch effect from beginning to end in 60 seconds or less! As before, I’ll be using Photoshop CS5 throughout this tutorial but any recent version will work. You’ll find the Photoshop Elements version of this tutorial here.

As you can see, the effect itself is quite simple and there are a number of variations that you can try to get very different looking results. Add a comment at let me know how you are using this effect.

Holding down Alt / Option (Mac) while choosing Merge Visible keeps the original layers intact.

Step 11: Change The Blend Mode To Color And Adjust The Layer Opacity

Change the blend mode to Multiply, then lower the Opacity value.

Just as we did in Step 1, make a copy of the layer by going up to the Layer menu, choosing New, then choosing Layer via Copy, or by pressing Ctrl+J (Win) / Command+J (Mac) on your keyboard. A copy of Layer 1 appears above the original in the Layers panel:

And there we have it! That’s how to create a more detailed pencil sketch effect from a photo with Photoshop! Visit our Photo Effects section for more Photoshop effects tutorials!

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This will invert the brightness values in our black and white image, making light areas dark and dark areas light:

Start with a Photo that has some decent edge detail, here is one I got from Adobe Stock

Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur (You could actually use any filter, as long as it creates a difference between the 2 layers)

Hold down your Alt (Win) / Option (Mac) key and, with the key still held down, go up to the Layer menu and choose Merge Visible:

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Finally, change the blend mode of the Background copy layer from Normal to Color, which will colorize the sketch. If the color seems too intense, lower the Opacity value until you’re happy with the results. I’ll lower my opacity down to 50%:

Duplicate the layer by dragging into the new layer icon, or press Ctrl/Cmd+J

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Photoshop always places a copy of a layer directly above the original.

Sometimes though, when working with other types of images like landscape or nature photos, buildings and architecture, still lifes, or really any image that doesn’t focus on people, you’ll want the sketch to include those tiny details the previous technique would ignore.

How to convert a photo to a comic book, cartoon in Photoshop

Once you have your perfect pencil sketch, why not try adding some color for a nice variation.

Next, we’ll darken the sketch lines, colorize it, and learn how to complete the entire effect in 60 seconds or less!

Here are some variations using Color Dodge, you will notice that Linear Dodge produces a softer result that Color Dodge. Try different blending Modes for different results.

In a previous Photoshop tutorial, we learned how to convert a photo into a sketch using a technique that works great with portraits, since it tends to leave out small, unwanted details like wrinkles and other skin blemishes while focusing more on the general features we want to see in the sketch, like a person’s eyes, nose and lips.

This tutorial is from our Photo Effects series. Let’s get started!

Press Shift+Ctrl+] (Win) / Shift+Command+] (Mac) to instantly jump the Background copy layer to the top of the layer stack so it sits above the merged layer (Layer 2). The original photo will once again appear in the document window:

This Lightroom 6 / Lightroom CC tutorial will show you how to use the basic Adjustments in Lightroom Develop Module…

Hi CAFE Crew, here is a brand new tut for you all. This is an old favorite of mine. How to turn a photo into a pencil sketch in photoshop. This is actually really easy to do and it gets quite good results too. As usual, I’ll provide a few creative jump off points at the end for your own experimentation.

Hold down Alt (Win) / Option (Mac) and go to Layer > Merge Visible.

Step 1: With the photo newly opened in Photoshop, press Ctrl+J (Win) / Command+J (Mac) to duplicate the Background layer. Step 2: Press Shift+Ctrl+U (Win) / Shift+Command+U (Mac) to desaturate the layer. Step 3: Press Ctrl+J (Win) / Command+J (Mac) to duplicate the desaturated layer. Step 4: Press Ctrl+I (Win) / Command+I (Mac) to invert the layer. Step 5: Press Shift+Alt+D (Win) / Shift+Option+D (Mac) to change the blend mode to Color Dodge. Step 6: Go to Filter > Other > Minimum. Leave the Radius value set to 1 pixel and click OK to close out of the filter’s dialog box. Step 7: Press Shift+Alt+Ctrl+E (Win) / Shift+Option+Command+E (Mac) to merge the layers onto a new layer above the others. Step 8: Press Shift+Alt+M (Win) / Shift+Option+M (Mac) to change the blend mode of the merged layer to Multiply, which darkens the sketch effect. Step 9: Lower the layer Opacity value if the sketch now appears too dark. Step 10: Click on the Background layer in the Layers panel to select it, then press Ctrl+J (Win) / Command+J (Mac) to duplicate it. Step 11: Press Shift+Ctrl+] (Win) / Shift+Command+] (Mac) to jump the Background copy layer to the top of the layer stack. Step 12: Press Shift+Alt+C (Win) / Shift+Option+C (Mac) to change the blend mode to Color to colorize the sketch. Step 13: Lower the Opacity value to reduce the intensity of the color if needed.

Go up to the Image menu at the top of the screen, choose Adjustments, then choose Desaturate:

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