Port Townsend Undertown

pencil drawings Port Townsend Undertown

Port Townsend Undertown

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Colorful undertown view in downtown 1 port townsend washington usa
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Port townsend businesses getting good at handling floods
Spirits call port townsend home all year round
Underground cafe wont reopen in port townsend owner says
Stairs bishop victorian hotel port townsend washington
Bâtiment hastings 1889 port townsend état de washington usa amérique
Chai tea latte at undertown port townsend
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Marsha glazière book signing undertown coffee wine bar literally below street level in the town of port townsend 12 18 4 6pm
Rue de leau dans le port de victoria et de la communauté artistique de
Port townsend de la péninsule olympique washington state usa photo
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Bateau à voile voilier goélette en bois à louer centre ville de port townsend
Bishop victorian hotel port townsend washington
Usa pacific northwest washington state port townsend le centre ville
The bartlett house overlooking the bluff in port townsend wa
Dans le cadre du festival du film de port townsend un film en plein air a
Pastries undertown cafe port townsend washington
Water street la rue principale port townsend de la péninsule olympique
Upstage owner uncertain about future port townsend nightspot likely to move
Water street la rue principale port townsend de la péninsule olympique
Water street la rue principale port townsend de la péninsule olympique

These two dogs were waiting for their people in the alley behind the Undertown.

This is noted Port Townsend artist, Max Grover sketching in the Undertown. He was gracious enough to allow a photo.

I find the Undertown Coffee and Wine Bar one of the most interesting photo locations in Port Townsend. I love the old, sand-blasted brick walls, the subdued lighting and the mix of customers.

I’m getting back to my writing. I’ve left it on hold for too many months. This photo is for my own inspiration. The fellow is writing in the Undertown Coffee and Wine Bar, one of Port Townsend’s best places to write over a cuppa.

It seems that a local indie moviemaker is shooting a flick called “The Last of Us”, in there. The actors were dressed in 40’s style suits and hats, which, considering the ambience of the cafe, makes me think that the video is being made in the film noir style.

I stopped in for a cup of coffee with photo club buddy Phil B. and noticed some wooden tracks running through the Undertown Coffee and Wine Bar. The tracks were there to support a cart that had a video camera mounted on it.

The Undertown is a nice place to warm up after doing Christmas shopping. The place always does nice holiday decorations in the tunnel leading to the entry.

This picture was taken in the Undertown, my current favorite coffee shop. The woman seemed to be enjoying her espresso so much that I had to photograph her.

I had my last cup of leaded coffee three weeks ago. My doctor has been on me for years to cut out caffeine. I haven’t totally. I still have a cup of green tea in the morning and decaf coffee in the afternoon. That’s been a huge step. Port Townsend is in Seattle’s orbit when it comes to good coffee. It’s almost a Pacific Northwest cult. San Francisco and Portland are just as rabid. I was so into coffee that I roasted my own.

Port Townsend Undertown