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Sad Boy Anime.

Sometimes, life strikes at you and everything you take for granted may be lost. Things change at the speed of sound, and you find yourself in a brand-new situation, not knowing exactly what to do, nor how to deal with it. In those moments, you have to stand up, fight, and try to adapt. What doesn’t change, though, is the fact that some determined happenings can turn you into a very sad person; that same sadness changes you forever. Just like everyone of us, anime characters deal with some absurd situations that turn them into very sad characters; a loss, a difficult family, being bullied, or even turning into something different from a human being. Anime characters, too, deal with changing, and as they fight, the feeling of sadness changes them. This is a list meant to let you know what happened to these 10 boys who dealt with various events and happenings, that turned them sad. Some of them just couldn’t accept what was happening and struggled in denying, some of them just stayed passive, and some of them cried. What all of them share, though, is that, in spite of sadness, they all fought with all their might to stand up again!


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Now a teenager, Kou looks totally different from what Futaba remembered. He was sweet back then, and always smiling. The person she finds in front of her eyes is a boy who teases her non-stop, and yet is cold and doesn’t allow anyone to get closer. Futaba’s feelings are still there, though, so she will dig up his past to discover a sad truth, leaving her wordless. Kou’s parents divorced and he went with his mother in a city far away. Later on, his mother died due to a bad illness and he was forced to go back in Tokyo to live with his older brother and his father.

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7. Mikaela Hyakuya from Seraph of The End: Vampire Reign (Owari no Seraph)

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As his sadness worsens by the minute, due to the facts that he needs more blood but refuses to take it from humans, not giving up to his human component, the meeting between him and Yuu will give him hope. That hope is still not enough to overcome sadness, but it will be the starting point to realize that maybe the future he dreamt for he and Yuu is still possible to be achieved.

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After that accident, he became a seemingly cold person, but actually he suffers a lot. He swears to protect everyone, and starts acting accordingly. After that moment, though, a great amount of losses and discoveries push him to the edge of a cliff, but that same sadness he feels will be the motivation for him to act bravely to protect the ones he loves.

He is not your typical protagonist. Shinji doesn’t happily jump into the Evangelion, nor he shows any kind of enthusiasm towards the mission. On the contrary, he acts exactly how a hero would never act. He doesn’t try to become a better person, nor does he think he fits his role as an Evangelion pilot. At the same time, he doesn’t even try to step back from the mission, because he thinks that the others may come to hate him. So he avoids human contact, just because he is afraid to be hurt and pilot the Evangelion. It’s important to see how in the last two episodes he frequently wonders what he is really afraid of, and finally he admits to himself what he always knew but never could accept; he is afraid of his own father. In the end, he is only a sad, little boy, put in a difficult situation, who wants to be approved by his father.

From the beginning of this anime, we can notice how sad his life is. He has no friend, no real family, and the difficult childhood years have turned him into a seemingly cold person. That’s just a facade, though. Natsume is actually kind, and sweet. He just suffers, and to protect himself, he just learned how to fake one thing or two. He sees the spirits, but he acts as if he doesn’t. He wants to make friends, but he is too scared to get close to other people, so he acts cold.

During the anime, we can see him dealing with what he has become. What bugs him more than anything else is the thought of Yuu, his only remaining family member, who is still alive and thinks Mika is dead. As Mika struggles to find Yuu and reunite with him, he doesn’t know what Yuu’s reaction will be. He wonders how to face Yuu, now that he is a vampire, and what’s more, Yuu is seeking revenge from the vampires who destroyed their future.

He prefers to be the one suffering, instead of seeing the others suffer, but he doesn’t realize that his way of acting, eventually, hurts all the people that love him for who he is: a boy whose future has been crushed to pieces with nowhere to go. The ending of this show remains open, as the manga is still ongoing, but Ken will find the strength to go on, and yet all that he fought for will turn out to be pointless, as in the final, touching scene, he will carry his best friend’s corpse with his own hands.

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From the moment he becomes a pilot, he realizes he is no longer a human being, as he has the urge to bite person and drink their blood just like a vampire. The sadness strikes him in many ways, as he wants to protect Sashinami Shouko, the girl he loves and his childhood friend, but to do so he needs to put distance between them. The situation worsens when he takes the responsibility to protect everyone, and starts to act accordingly. He hates how the situation has turned out to be, but he has a mission now, and he will do anything to accomplish it; he will go as far as to do the greatest sacrifice, with the composure given by the certainty to have saved everyone.

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The situation changes when one of his colleagues dies, and he is suspected of murder. That’s the moment when Shion starts to lose it. He is about to be arrested, when Nezumi, who had disappeared since that night, makes an apparition and saves him. He takes Shion outside the walls of the city of No.6, and there Shion discovers the shocking truth; the rejects of society live in poor cities next to the bigger ones, struggling to survive.

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When Soubi asks Ritsuka to become his “sacrifice”, even though they don’t share the same name (Ritsuka’s name is Loveless), he accepts. He is driven by the feeling that Soubi knows more about his brother’s past, and Soubi wants to know what really happened to Seimei, so they join in the name of the love they both shared towards Seimei. Ritsuka is a teenager, and he sees a lot happens to him. In the end, he starts to have contrasting feelings towards Soubi. Does he love him? Does he hate him? He can’t figure it out himself, so he just drags on, not really knowing what to do. The sadness can’t be erased at all, and the fights that involve both are always painful and dangerous. However, Soubi seems to see something of the unforgotten Seimei in Ritsuka. As open as the final of this anime remains, what is clear is that in the sadness both Ritsuka and Soubi share, they will try to help and understand each other, among many hardships.

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4. Kou “Tanaka” Mabuchi from Blue Spring Ride (Ao Haru Ride)

And so, what do you think? Aren’t these characters sad enough for you? They dealt with a lot of bad things, but managed to remain sane somehow. They sure deserve admiration, the way they overcame sadness, hoping their future could be brighter. For some of them it was exactly like this, but some of them sacrificed everything knowing that their beloved ones would be safe. The anime world is filled with sad characters, but what we love about them is the way they manage to go on in spite of how they feel down. If you know other sad boys who could have been fit here, let us know in the comments below!

Shinji’s life changes when he is forcefully coerced to join the Nerv association. His father, Gendou Ikari, chooses the pilots compatible for the Evangelions, and when Shinji meets him after years, his heart’s wound is opened one more time. Due to the fact that he was abandoned by his father, he always felt as he was an undesired child, and Gendou, meeting his son after all this time, is still cold towards him.

Shion from No.6 is a sad boy with the guts to adapt to the new situation. In fact, he lives a wonderful life in the high-class society, in a big house with all the comforts he could desire, and his IQ is so high that he gained a place in the Special Course at school. We can say it, maybe he is even a bit pampered. However, he is not the type to step back from situations, so when Nezumi, covered in blood, shows up under his balcony he just helps him. Years after, his helping Nezumi had resulted in him being degraded from his position in the society. So he had to say goodbye to all the comforts, and adapt to a total new life. Once again, he is not the type to step back. He just adapts and struggles on.

Here we are with our 1st position in this ranking, given to a famous character from a famous show! Shinji Ikari, from Neon Genesis Evangelion, is a very normal guy. So normal that we would say he looks pretty plain from the very beginning. In the year 2015, being the world on the verge of destruction, the only hope for humanity’s salvation lies within the Nerv organization, which owns the Evangelion – giant robot that can fight against the Angels.

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As his new life goes on, and he manages somehow to deal with his new troublesome parasite “friend”, he has to keep on hiding from everyone what is going on. He has to protect his family and friends, and he doesn’t want to become a guinea pig as he is the only human being with a parasite that didn’t subjugate his brain. His situation turns for the worse when his parents go on trip and his mother dies because of a parasite. He doesn’t know what is going on, but he receives a strange call from his father, and the day after, his mother shows up at home. Migi keeps on warning him that she is not his mother, but a parasite. Shinichi can’t accept the shocking truth, and can’t fight back. So he ends up almost dying, but he is saved by Migi. When he wakes up, finding himself with a strange scar on his chest, he realizes what happened and that truth strikes him.

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Ken Kaneki is a university student with a weakness towards intellectual girls. That weakness is the reason of the sudden change in his life. He meets Rize, a seemingly intellectual girl, but she turns out to be a Ghoul – creatures who eat humans – and he ends up assaulted by her. After a surgery, his life is safe, but he is now half a ghoul, and half a human being, due to the fact that Rize’s kagune(a ghoul’s weapon) has been implanted in him in place of a new kidney.

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Tables turn when he finds the Book of Friends that his grandmother – who could see the spirits as well – left behind after her death. Meeting Madara, alias Nyanko-sensei, a powerful spirit trapped in the shape of a “maneki neko”, he will start a journey bound to give to all those spirits whose name is on that book, all their names back. This journey will teach him a lot of lessons; he gradually learns to open up to people once again, and even to help others, spirits or human. While he gives the spirits their names back, he learns their sadness and loneliness, and that’s what makes him feel them. He is an orphan, and that sadness can’t be washed away, in fact he will always remember the few happy moments he shared with his parents, but he comes to find the upright of what’s given to him, and that will be the starting point for the rise.

Shion contracts a disease, and his hair turns white, while a long scar crosses his body. The sadness for having his body changing, for seeing his life ruined, and for being separated from his mother, though, is nothing compared to sadness he feels seeing how people are treated outside the walls of No.6. It’s the supporting Nezumi who will give him the strength to go on and realize that it’s possible to do something; he just needs not to turn his gaze away from what’s in front of his eyes.

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His new life is very hard. He learns that he can no longer eat what humans eat, and that his ghoul part is difficult to tame. He has someone who he wants to protect, though, and that is his best friend Hide. So he will start acting accordingly. He joins the Anteiku cafe – a place where ghouls work, pretending to be normal human beings – and tries to deal with everything. It’s not as easy as it seems. Sad things keep on happening to him; he sees his little friend’s mother being killed in front of his eyes, and can’t do anything to save her. He has to distance himself from Hide, because otherwise he will be in danger. Later on, he is captured, tortured, and in the end he decides to leave behind even his ghoul friends.

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Ouma Shuu is our 17-year-old sad protagonist. He has a peculiar ability – the Power of Kings – with whom he can extract weapons from other people’s bodies. From the beginning, we see how lethargic of a character he is, as he wants to stay out of trouble. However, one day, trouble comes to meet him in person, in the form of Inori Yuzuriha, and he is forced to leave behind a peaceful life and join the resistance against the GHQ organization, who subjugated Japan.

At the beginning of the story, Shinichi Izumi appears to be a plain high school student, with a normal life and a happy family. So much so that he realizes he was lucky only after a parasite enters his body and takes the place of his right hand. He is fearful about what will happen to him, and he appears to be very human as he doesn’t hide his fears, nor his desire to run away whenever his parasite – called Migi – announces to him that there’s another parasite nearby.

Shinji is difficult to deal with, and is afraid to create bonds with others. The only person he tries to let in, Kaworu Nagisa, gets close to him just to reveal him that he, himself, is an angel. The shocking truth leaves Shinji speechless, feeling cruelly used. What’s more, to worsen things, when Toji Suzuhara – one of Shinji’s best friends – is taken over by the third angel, Shinji is forced to kill both Toji and the Evangelion he is in, to save Tokyo. So a lot of bad things happen to him, and he – who was introverted from the start – keeps on losing self-esteem.

Takashi Natsume is the only one character in this list who is in a difficult situation from the beginning. He is an orphan who changed family year after year, because every relative considered him too strange to deal with. His strangeness, though, is a gift. In fact, he can see the ayakashi (spirits), but since everyone else cannot, he usually ends up in trouble.

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Kou “Tanaka” Mabuchi from Blue Spring Ride is a character who, from the start, seems cold towards others or even a tease. When he and Futaba Yoshioka were in middle school, they had a crush on each other, but one day suddenly Kou disappeared from Futaba’s sight, without a word. Futaba, in the following three years, wondered a lot about him when suddenly, one day, she finds him at her high school.

Our 5th position is occupied by a character who lives in the space, in a division called Module 77. Haruto Tokishima lives his peaceful student life, but one day something happens and his destiny is changed forever. As a result of an invasion by the Dorrsian Military Pact Federation, he is forced by some circumstances to become a Valvrave pilot, but he doesn’t know that becoming a Valvrave pilot actually means giving up his humanity.

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5. Haruto Tokishima from Valvrave The Liberator (Kakumeiki Valvrave)

The feelings he starts to have towards Inori drive him, but that is not enough to make him feel at ease with the situation he is in. So much more when he cannot understand how really Inori feels towards him. Aside the romantic part, he hates it when he has to fight. He just wanted to have a peaceful life, and it’s not easy for him to adapt to change. After all, he is just a boy who wanted to live a normal life, with normal friends, and build a future with his own two hands. Since he is deprived of his dreams, he just refuses to adapt. He just cannot accept what’s going on, but in spite of this, all what remains for him to do is to fight. So to overcome the sadness, he will try anything hoping that one day all what he’s done will have a positive outcome, and possibly he will have his future back.

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Mikaela Hyakuya is a very sad character who sees himself stripped from his future. He had planned to live a happy life with his family, far from the vampire’s grasp, but his plan turned out in failure. In fact, on the verge of death, he is turned into a vampire by Kurl, the vampire queen of Japan. Well, he ditched death, but he became one of the creatures he hated the most himself.

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10. Takashi Natsume from Natsume’s Book of Friends (Natsume Yuujinchou)

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Let’s move on the 9th position with another sad boy who happens to be tormented by many things. Aoyagi Ritsuka, from Loveless, has a difficult family situation, as his mother is insane and his brother – Seimei – has been killed. For as sad as it can seem, the situation worsens when he meets Agatsumi Soubi. In fact, the fated meeting with Soubi, shows him the existence of an entire new world; the world of fighters and sacrifices, where two people with the same name fight together and while the “fighter” fights, the “sacrifice” protects. If it could be worse, Ritsuka discovers that Soubi knew his older brother, and used to fight with him. They had the same name – Beloved – and Ritsuka comes to understand that probably Soubi knows more about his brother’s death.

3. Shinichi Izumi from Parasyte – the maxim – (Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu)

Kou’s way of keeping distance is just an excuse to protect himself. He suffered in silence the loss of his mother and the separation, all alone, in a city far away. He lost the faith he had in people, seeing how his father dealt with the situation, and how his brother was always “busy” and couldn’t visit he and their mother frequently. The sadness Kou felt, left a huge hole in his chest, so he is convinced that it’s better to stay far from others. Futaba, though, is willing to make him open up once again. She will show him that he can cry, if he has to, and he is not alone anymore to carry the burden life put on his road.

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Start out lightly and build by there, Once i start painting , I plan and discover using loose lines, plus avoid committing too soon using hard, dark lines, states Chiu. As I develop my lines will modify , so checking and rechecking my work is important . I darken my outlines and add details from the end. I do not give attention to one area intended for too long to stop overdrawing. Begin with an underdrawing, Artist Tim von Reuden likes to start together with a digital underdrawing that will he prints at one particular per cent Opacity. Preceding , you will see the underdrawing involving his sketch of the woman holding a staff members . He explains, I adore to keep it lighting so that it provides a foundation rather than the final image.

Know when should you cease , The majority of performers usually tend to tinker with their very own work - even right after they`ve signed their brand . I can always get something to change when I look hard good enough , so it can get difficult to inform when a new piece is truly done , says Chiu. However, be suspicious of overworking your item . `Eventually, I make the conscious decision to set my drawing away in addition to start something new, this individual continues. `That`s when We consider my drawing performed

Mix up covering techniques, There are a lot of different pencil attracting techniques relating to shade providing . Chiu uses two major approaches. The first is definitely with all the outlines going in the similar direction. `This makes the shading appear more natural, and helps my specifics pop out from typically the lines I`m using regarding shading, he explains. The particular second method involves operating in patches of shade providing , to help define condition . Patches of lines circumvent the form, which support keep things in viewpoint , he says. This system is furthermore great for backgrounds plus creating texture.

Master mixing up , Healy has a certain process for blending your ex coloured pencil work. The lady depends on an put together , to check the contact form is proper before doing to coloured pencil (it`s much harder to remove coloured-in areas than a good outline). It also will help her plan where typically the highlights and shadows will certainly fall. She then creates up colour using simple layers. I love to be able to start out with smooth gentle layers to obtain a better concept of lights placement, shadows plus the color palette, she says. Right after each layer she mixes gently using the mixing stump. Once she offers reached a stage she`s happy with, she goes on to the ultimate step: adding an description . For this final part , Healy uses coloured pencils alone, and does not necessarily blend with a stump.

Unify your colors , Having an uniform method to colour can help deliver cohesiveness to your function . It`s a good concept to make sure of which your artwork has unifying colours, says Healy. `This consists of a certain colour palette, mood and also a way of spreading these kinds of through the entire art part . In addition, she indicates creating a harmonious foundation by using tinted report or adding a backdrop wash of colour (in paint). This will display through whatever you put together on top of this , thus giving it a good appearance of cohesion. Any time I use coloured pencils, I`m fond of making use of tinted paper produced simply by Kraft.

Attempt different approaches to sets out , Another drawing technique fears line weight. As nicely as demarcating different items , lines can help stress shadows. Thicker lines may fade and disappear in the shadows, which can support convey the 3D kind , explains Chiu.

Short on time? That above, from character artist Bobby Chiu, runs by means of some pencil drawing related with action. For considerably more in-depth how you can composition to be able to how to capture lighting and shadow, have a look at the art techniques article. Or even , for inspiration, look into this kind of roundup of unbelievably reasonable pencil drawings.

Utilize right eraser, There are usually a few several types of eraser, and each is matched to various things. You`ll definitely need a kneaded eraser. This has a new putty-like consistency (it`s often known as putty eraser), and you knead that before and after work with . A kneaded eraser will be best for lightly selecting up the coloured pad binding off the document . This works wonders if correcting mistakes, or in case you`re deliberately lifting coloring from an area like the eyes, says Healy. Some sort of gum eraser has some sort of more solid consistency, in addition to is better if you`re trying to fully clear off a coloured-in area. Des Reuden continues: I firmly believe in letting gut instinct take over in typically the creation process so We work with the underdrawing more as a criteria . This implies the final end result varies.

Utilize proper grip, The first stage is always to master how in order to hold a pencil properly . Chiu recommends holding the particular pencil as you could some sort of piece of charcoal, in addition to taking advantage of typically the side of the business lead to draw, rather compared to the point. This allows keep your pencil sharper with regard to longer. When covering huge areas, I shade along with my pencil perpendicular to be able to the line I`m pulling to get wide, gentle lines, he adds. Intended for details, I hold the pencil parallel to the lines to get well-defined , narrow marks. The just time I use the particular thing is when I`m working on intricate specifics

Check and recheck, Before you will leave your site and go to tougher lines and detail function , it`s essential to be sure you have the correct kind down. Chiu`s advice will be to check and verify again. I can nail lower my drawing`s underpinnings just before I can add information . I really avoid speculating with the details: I desire to make sure every thing is symmetrical and appear right before writing better and harder lines. They also suggests taking a look at the work in a looking glass or through a digital camera . Considering different vantage factors is a great solution to highlight if anything is definitely crooked. I constantly request myself, does this experience right? If anything looks off - even in case I can`t immediately place my finger about what that is #NAME? believe in my gut and troubleshoot my drawing before moving forward

Break free from your comfort zone, Although these pencil drawing strategies should help you know the essentials in the moderate , sometimes you need to be able to toss the rules out there of the window in order to find what works for a person . There`s nothing wrong using stepping outside of typically the box if it indicates achieving the effect an individual want, says Healy. Learning from mistakes will occur when an individual step outside of of which box. But don`t end up being intimidated! The process is definitely entirely fun.

Use contrasting concepts, One particular drawing technique Healy utilizes in her work is definitely to use contrasting aspects within a piece involving work, for instance, juxtaposing beauty and ugliness. I am going to use the beauty associated with colours, flowers, the soft qualities of skin or curly hair , as well as the female form. Items also tend to make use of something which is opposite in order to all of that, like bones, insects, sharp pearly whites , or anything that may well provide discomfort to the particular viewer, she elaborates. `Somehow this provides a fascinating strategy to a piece. Particularly when the `ugly` parts substantially harder to spot from first. To me this can be a very stark representation involving what life is such as

Use a stump regarding soft blending, How an individual blend your work may have a big effect on the final result. Intended for a soft blended result , try a blending stump. After each light part , I very gently mix the coloured pencils along with the stump, says US-based artist Jennifer Healy. May push too hard or even the colour will adhere , making it more challenging to be able to softly blend. I do it again this process as frequently web site need. After several layers it produces the very soft and sensitive look. This technique takes a little trial and problem , though. Healy warns that will if you blend also softly, the stump could pick up colour that will you`ve already layered for the paper.

Safeguard your paper, This is usually a valuable pencil pulling technique for beginners: place a piece of report under me to prevent smudging your drawing when you`re working. It seems like apparent , but it can end up being the downfall of the great piece of do the job ! Healy also prefers to be able to mount her paper in a board, attaching that using a layer regarding matte medium. This will help keep things neat, and even provides a great surface to be able to work.

Try combining pencils together with watercolour, While pencils about their own enables you to make a wealth of diverse effects, it can become interesting to combine associated with other media. For example of this , in her work, Healy loves to combine watercolour in addition to coloured pencils. It`s significant to get started with watercolour and even then layer coloured pencils on top, she points out , because pencils can make a waxy surface of which repels liquid, and stops the watercolour from putting into the paper. This particular is a fun strategy to try out, your woman says. Both mediums have got unique qualities and designs . Combining the two components makes a medium all associated with its own.

Create cloth , Fabric can range coming from sleek and shiny to be able to matte and dull. Exactly how you shade it may help sell the thought of the information you`re striving to depict. With this drawing , von Reuden is intending in order to capture the golden folds up of material found within the original image. They began by outlining the particular shapes and blocking out and about regions of shadow.

Find the right papers texture, The surface consistency you`re working on will certainly make a big big difference towards the effects you can easily create. It is referred in order to as the grain or perhaps `tooth` of the document . A rough tooth will be more visible, and the particular ridges will grip the particular colour from your pencils. Using a smooth tooth, typically the ridges are very good , and there`s less hold . Healy finds this sort of paper provides a great easier surface for mixing coloured pencils, although the girl warns that it`s furthermore easy to operate the coloring off the surface.

Beyond that will , different artists have diverse approaches to lines instructions you need to discover the style that`s best suited for you. I favor to use an unique outline in my art , many people using thin sets out or bold outlines, ` says Healy. It could help pinpoint the audience`s eye to a particular area. Additionally, it gives the stylised look, if of which is what you are usually hoping to achieve. Chiu, however, prefers a distinct approach. I try to be able to avoid outlining my images because this tends in order to make things look toned and deadens the 3D IMAGES effect. Breaks and places in my lines present form in the lighting and shadows.

Draw on your very own experiences, Dip into your current experiences to add an exclusive layer of authenticity to the piece, suggests Healy. This implies using something like some sort of memory, feeling or fragrance when making your work. Intended for example, the special experience you experienced when sitting down down with a good friend in a coffee shop, or even a memory of your years as a child experience. You can become abstract or use hyperrealism. Anything you choose makes the particular piece unique to an individual . I`ve found that folks resonate with these parts the most.

Categorise your current fabric, Von Reuden clarifies the best way to add value in addition to shading to create more layers of depth in addition to weight. He admits of which , when drawing and re-creating fabric, the types involving wrinkles created can almost all be placed under about three separate categories: hanging/relaxed, stretched/tension, and scrunched/compressed. Hanging material tends to be shed and have a going appearance. Stretched fabric makes long lines, usually along with a point of assistance . Compressed fabrics bunch in to each other, creating scrunched-looking areas.

Develop your skills with these types of pencil drawing techniques, intended for both graphite and colored pencils. These pencil attracting techniques from top designers can help you take your pulling skills one stage even more , whether you`re using graphite pencil or coloured pencils. For many artists, pad drawing is the ability that introduced them in order to the art world, and even even if you`ve advanced to a different method , understanding how to attract with a pencil can easily help you better your expertise elsewhere. These pencil attracting techniques cover many methods from typically the basics of mark-making to be able to advanced processes to force you out of your own comfort zone. We`ll present advice on the resources and materials you will need to know, such since blending stumps, paper choices , and different erasers. In the event that you`re a total starter , or just want in order to upgrade your kit, get a look at the guide to the most effective pencils.


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