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What Sort Of Background For Pencil Drawings

What Sort Of Background For Pencil Drawings What Sort Of Background For Pencil Drawings

Seamless pattern of hand drawn sketches rough parallel hatching grunge pattern. texture has three different shades: light, mid and dark tone.

Happy cheerful smiley fingers looking at colorful handrawn cityscape

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Pencil drawing as illustraion of risks and challenges inbusiness

But for the most part, those articles were all about backgrounds created with a plan in mind.

Seamless pattern with decorative birds, flowers and leaves. Handmade, colored pencils.

When you don’t keep your artwork, try to get a copy first because these images record your adventure and growth as a hobby artist.

The grain in the paper helped give the final impression I wanted for the moon. I also gently glided over some pencil marks on the trunk to smooth them out so 2 different effects were achieved with the same tool. The whole image was created with a 2B mechanical pencil and I’m extremely happy with the outcome.

Today, I want to share three backgrounds I made with no plan in mind. The fact of the matter is that I was just playing around at the end of the day on a Saturday because I needed a drawing for the week.

Here’s a book that finally dispels the mystery of sketching!

I wetted this paper thoroughly as well, but didn’t do washes. Instead, I spattered two or three different colors as described above. The wetter the brush, the bigger and more random the spatters appeared. As the brush dried, the spatters became more intense in color, smaller, and more uniform in shape.

The final experiment was a little more daring (to my way of thinking.)

The EmptyEasel article I mentioned earlier isn’t the only one I wrote. A couple of years later, EmptyEasel published a second article. Read all about more fast and easy backgrounds on EmptyEasel.

Realistic Set of Colorful Colored Pencils or Crayons with Brush Strokes Background in Back to School Title. Vector Illustration

If you want a darker tone on the stump-tip, grab some spare paper and shade a solid area with an 8B pencil, then rub the stump across it. Hold the stump at an angle so the tip doesn’t get damaged.

Each of the following three samples are on Canson L’Aquarelle 140lb hot press watercolor paper. I had three small pieces cut and decided to play around with watercolor pencils, to see what happened.

Only time will reveal whether or not that’s true, but they stayed in place while I drew the tree with dry colored pencil.

A blending stump was obviously my best option but I’m not in the habit of blending pencil drawings and I was going into unfamiliar territory — on a birthday card!! However, with the old saying of “nothing ventured, nothing gained” drumming in my head, I went ahead with that idea.

Cute girl and boy. New Year card. winter holiday watercolor illustration

While the paper was still wet, I drew the loops with a dry pencil. Then I dipped a brush in clean water, and spattered color by stroking the brush across a pencil. When the bristles snapped over the pencil, they threw pigment everywhere (and I do mean everywhere. A drop cloth is advisable.)

The image below shows the result on cream-colored card stock with a pearly, textured grain:

The yellow isn’t very vibrant, but in some areas, it mixed with blue to make an interesting green.

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Recently, when I was drawing on a blank card for a birthday gift, I chose to illustrate a branch of Cherry Blossoms with the perception of the moon in the background. The perspective was one of looking up at the branch so the sky became the backdrop.

Color drawing flower. Original hand draw and computer collage. Color structure.

Remember to use the stump carefully and not with a heavy hand, otherwise it’s very easy to ruin a drawing.

Hand drawn City Sketch for your design,Drawn in black ink on white background

The next drawing was created on a similar textured card and when I initially viewed it, I felt the pull to add a little bit of depth to the petals of the Magnolia. I was reluctant to add random strokes because the drawing had a serenity to it that I didn’t want to lose. After applying the blending stump sparingly to each petal, I liked the final effect it gave to the overall image:

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Wild rose flowers drawing illustration vector, isolated and clip-art.

If you’ve benefited from the tutorials, lessons, and drawing challenges on this blog, I hope you’ll consider helping provide the same opportunities to others.

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I gently placed it on the card and lightly drew around the bottom with a 2B pencil. I didn’t want a full circle, just a three quarter, upper view.

I took a photo of this drawing and as I viewed it some time later, I noticed I had omitted blending on the petal at the front. I did add some, but forgot to take another photo before I gave the card away. 🙁

Fantastic exotic plants – fruits and flowers. Surrealism. Planet inside the buds. Drawing pencils and ink on paper.

Hand texture. Set. The art collection of black design elements: circles, brush, wavy lines, abstract backgrounds, patterns. Vector illustration EPS 10. Isolated on white background. Freehand drawing.

I’ve also written about fast and easy backgrounds using India Ink, and graphite.

It’s no secret that blending pencil drawings provides you with a great variety of interesting effects. A blending stump is commonly used to blur or smudge graphite but it can also be used with charcoal, crayons etc. It consists of tightly wound, soft paper and it resembles a pencil that’s been sharpened on both ends.

Tipping a piece of paper after you’ve added color and before it dries is a good way to create random blending. The paper needs to be wet enough for color to “run” for best results. I didn’t try that because I’d used up all my pieces of paper, but it is something I may try the next time I want to do something fun.

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Pencil drawing background stock photos 770,741 Pencil drawing background stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See pencil drawing… stock video clips.

My circular template was too small so I quickly looked around and found a small, round jar that looked perfect for the job.

It’s natural to delve into other areas so try to be open and allow this progression to happen on its own accord.

Abstract seamless pattern. Paper background with Hand drawing elements. Beige with black.

If you try any of these suggestions, tape your paper down first. Since I was just playing around and didn’t expect to create great works of art, I didn’t bother taping any of the pieces of paper. They all curled a little, but since they’re 140lb watercolor paper, they all dried pretty flat.

It’s good practice to give a drawing a final check-up after you have moved away and left it alone for a while. Any inconsistency will show itself when you view it with fresh eyes.

Clear & detailed instruction by artist Alan Jones will guide you through every step, color choice, tool and method.

After the paper was well dry, I painted the tree with oil paints just to see if I could. That was one of two tests combining oils and colored pencils, and you can read Can You Oil Paint Over Colored Pencil? for more on that.

This art form has infinite possibilities so let it take you wherever because no one says you can’t go back and change it. When you experiment with blending pencil drawings or anything else that’s new and different, always acknowledge your achievements and be proud of them.

Pencil drawing of a landscape with set of skyscrapers and Manhattan bridge in New York

I wet the paper throughly, then stroked a wet brush on the pigment core of a couple of pencils and brushed the color onto the paper.

Seamless background with hearts. Abstract geometric wallpaper of the surface. Hand drawn love signs on white. Collection. Line art. Print for banners, posters, t-shirts and textiles

I feel as though I have advanced into a new realm of the artistic world. It’s fascinating that something as simple as blending pencil drawings can lead to new beginnings. This is why we all have different learn to draw paths, there are so many tangents to explore!

Dark BLUE vector natural elegant texture. Glitter abstract illustration with doodles and Zen tangles. The completely new template can be used for your brand book.

A terrific video course with corresponding ebooks (Great Value!)…

“Winter bloom or spring snow” – a bird – bullfinch on tree branch with white flowers. Hand illustration – colored pencil and ink on textured paper. Delicate design – a beautiful story.

Hand drawn sketch black and white vintage exotic tropical bird parrot macaw flying. Vector illustration isolated object

Later, I drew the circles and created a spacescape of sorts. The spatter method is ideal for paintings of this type, but you could also use it to create backgrounds for other subjects.

Some of the color bled together to create washes. If you want washes like this, make sure the paper is as wet as you can make it.

I’ve dissolved chips of watercolor pencil in water to create fluid pigment and it works quite well. It would be another great way to make a fast and easy background for colored pencil.

Stumps have a pencil-like tip and you can get into all kinds of nooks and crannies. Fortunately, blending stumps are very inexpensive so that allows everyone to have a good variety of sizes to play with.

The girl pencil drawing. A charcoal drawing. Black-and-white portrait of a girl. Fashion. Beautiful portrait of a girl.

Macro close up of black carbon graphite / sharp point or solid pigment core of silver pencil with drawing line on textured white paper. Pencil shows wood fiber that prevents the nib from being broken.

Still More Fast and Easy Backgrounds for Colored Pencil Drawings

Many different colored Rainbow pencils school supplies on white background

Brush, marker, pencil stroke pattern. Abstract background. Vector artwork. Memphis vintage, retro style. Children, kids sketch drawing. Blue, green, yellow, pink, gray colors.

When I washed the paper with a wet brush after it had dried, however, it produced a pastel wash of the blended colors. The chips of color remained mostly undissolved, but they also appear to be more or less permanently attached to the paper.

But this time, I used an X-acto knife to pare shavings directly onto wet paper. That didn’t accomplish much other than partially dissolving some of the smaller pieces of pigment.

Blending pencil drawings is the perfect solution when you feel an illustration is missing a bit of oomph. For example, a simple, blurred line can instantly give the appearance of shadow on an object. It doesn’t take much effort so if you like simplicity, this tool is right for you.

It’s time to share some background options that are not only fast and easy, but fun.

Girl hand drawing, blank paper and colorful pencils on old wooden table

In the early days, before I invested in any kind of drawing tools, I used a cotton tip for smoothing graphite. It does a similar job to a blending stump except the tip is a lot larger and a bit restricting because of that.

Take the mystery—and maybe the intimidation factor—out of life drawing.

So let’s take a look at each of these backgrounds and I’ll tell you how you can make your own.

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When we talked about background options sometime ago, I intended to talk about fast and easy backgrounds for colored pencil drawings. Then a few reader questions on the topic led me in different direction.

The smooth, smudged graphite clearly demonstrates the effect of blending for the box shadow on the right. Either method is acceptable for shading so it’s up to you which way you choose to do it.

The examples below show the difference between cross-hatching and blending in shadows:

First, I needed to find a circular shape to use as a guide for the moon. I didn’t really want to try my luck freehand — the card paper had a beautiful texture and now wasn’t the time to test the resiliency of it by using an eraser.

Pink magnolia flowers drawing and sketch with line-art on white backgrounds.

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Sketch, graphics head of a tiger on the side of black and white pen graphics

People who have been encouraged to pick up or return to art, have achieved artistic goals or have been encouraged to stay the course of their artistic calling by the lessons, courses, and free content on this blog.

You can also alter the shape of the spatters by changing how and where you hold the pencil and brush. I worked from almost directly over the paper. If you hold the pencil closer to the paper or to one side, the spatters will be more elongated.

Next, I needed to decide how to depict the moon without it being glaring or ugly. In my mind, I wanted a shadowy effect, something light yet visible.

Hand drawn naked female sitting back in vector. Pencil sketch.

Click a link below to view some different pencil techniques:

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Over the course of the last several years, I’ve shared ideas for fast and easy backgrounds here and on EmptyEasel. Ideas you may have thought of already, but some that may be new to you. Things like using pencil shavings or your favorite beverage to color a background.

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So we talked about how to draw a clear sky, how to draw a bokeh background, and tips for deciding the best background for your next drawing. All good topics, but not much that’s fast or easy.

Sketch pencil drawing. Vector doodles. The Illustration is used for in web design, banners, in computer design.

Pencil drawing doodle frames and lines. Vector Set of Flat Design Elements on white background.

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Back to school – pen sketch seamless background. Can be used for wallpaper, pattern fills, textile, web page background, surface textures. Vector illustration.

Set watercolor elements of rose, pencil drawing. collection garden and wild flowers, leaves, branches, illustration isolated on white background, eucalyptus, bud.

flat Vector icon – illustration of Drawing Compass Pencil and Ruler icon

Read Fast & Easy Background Options for Colored Pencil Drawings on EmptyEasel.

Finally, if you know what you plan to draw on the paper, it’s probably a good idea to put the drawing on the paper, then mask it before using any of these techniques. As you can see from my samples, the drawing I put over the background didn’t cover anything that was already on the paper unless I put down a lot of color or used heavy pressure.

… it only takes a little instruction or guidance…   Read more >>

Color Wheel & Value Scale Templates The Complementary Method for Colored Pencil eBook Everything You Need to Get Started with Colored Pencils

It truly is amazing how much difference it makes when you try blending pencil drawings and it doesn’t matter what skill level you’re up to, it’s something anyone can do.

Cute kids paint drawings on the wall. Seamless children’s panorama for your design. Template for advertising brochure. Funny cartoon character. Vector illustration. Isolated on white background

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